Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You're Never Too Old for Halloween Treats

Why is it that when you get old, you have to stop trick or treating?  It really stinks.  Growing up, I was super lucky because I had a brother 8 years younger than me, so I would pull the whole "I'm just dressing up to take my brother trick or treating.  I wouldn't want him to have to go with the dorky neighbor kid, or even worse, go aloooone."  So I'd dress up and go with him.  And granted I could have just waited at the end of the sidewalk, but I didn't want him to have to walk up to the house and ring the doorbell alone.  What if it was one of those creepy houses who had scary noises and smoke coming from their porch?  Naturally, I'd go up with him, and if I were going to go that far, why not take a trick or treating bag with me?  Totally normal.  I mean, why pass up all those tasty goodies? :)

I'm pretty sure if I weren't gigantically tall, I'd still go trick or treating, even now.  I mean, I'd need a costume with a mask, and I'd need to alter my voice a little to sound like a twelve year old (which sadly wouldn't be that hard for me), but I could do it.  Problem is, I'm pretty close to 5'10'', so unless I come up with a creative costume, people would know I was a fraudulent trick or treater.  Sigh...However, I figure the next best thing to me trick or treating, is to indulge some of my favorite "little grown ups" in some fun and tasty treats.  So, this year I decided to do a little something for my student mentors.  They are a fabulous bunch who make my job tons of fun, so I thought they deserved a little something this Halloween.  Check out the cute goodies above that I put together for them. 

So, while many people are thinking about the little kiddos this Halloween, I encourage you to remember the bigger kids in your life, who are a little too old to trick or treat, but not quite old enough to give up on the Halloween goodies!

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Patricia said...

Jakob and I left little notes for you when you get back into the office! I also wanted to say that it made my day and you got the good kind of chocolates. None of that Tootsie Roll sillyness.