Thursday, October 1, 2009

Starbucks Goes Too Far

Starbucks is a personal addiction. I can admit it, I realize I have a problem. But the newest problem isn't my addiction, its Starbucks' latest idea: instant coffee. Look, I'm not a coffee snob, but to me, instant coffee is totally NOT Starbucks. In recent years, Starbucks has been a part of my morning ritual; my day isn't quite right without that paper cup in my hand. However, after getting married recently and making the adult decision to "go on a budget", I've had to wrestle with my Starbucks addiction, and cut my weekly trips in half (I'm starting small people, don't judge). Now, Starbucks is treat, and I appreciate the mornings I can stand in line and oogle the pastries with any coffee creation just an order away. The smell of the store, the fresh foam on my coffee, and the stylish tunes give me the morning jolt I need for a pricey $4.23. I pay for the coffee, but just like my jeans, I know I'm paying for the label and the whole experience.

So why on Earth would I spend a penny on this same label if it doesn't come with any of those bells and whistles? Its like buying a pair of True Religions with blank pockets. No fresh foam or whir of espresso machines, just a rip and pour of a tiny plastic package. A rip and a pour that costs $1? I don't think so Starbucks. I know my homemade coffee is no Starbucks latte, but its got to be better than a Crystal Light-esque instant coffee. C'mon Starbucks, keep it classy, and keep me saving my pennies for treat trips, not ho-hum cups of instant coffee.

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