Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's Time for an Intervention

My mom was planning to drive up and have breakfast/coffee with me this week (an awesome perk that comes with my family being back from London).  I texted her Monday to figure out a day for her to come.  "Does Thursday work for you?" I texted.  She replied, "Works perfect, see you then!"  My first thought is woo hoo, I get to see my mom, I can't wait!  My second thought, freaking A, our apartment is a DISASTER zone!  I'm going to have to schedule a marathon cleaning session before Thursday morning!  For those of you who have ever lived with me or seen my room (my poor Kappa roommates), you know that neatness is just NOT one of my strengths.  I mean, why bother hanging up clothes or putting shoes away when you're just going to wear them again at some point?  The pile of jewelry on my dresser totally makes sense to me.  Why bother storing it when I might want to wear it tomorrow, the next day, or possibly next month? 

This whole frantic-marathon-clean-session got me thinking... if no one ever came to my apartment, would I ever clean or put away so much as a sock?  Sadly, I'm scared of my answer, because although I might get fed up at some point, it would probably months to reach that breaking point.  Luckily however, I have people who like me enough to visit, which translates into me cleaning.  So at 11:41 pm, with 9 hours to go before my mom gets here, I am back to my marathon cleaning session and hoping I can untangle the vacuum cleaner at the back of closet.  At least I think that's where it is...

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