Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lake Michigan Weekend

This weekend, Matt and I enjoyed a last minute getaway to the beaches of Lake Michigan.  Matt went into work super early on Friday morning, and while I was still hitting the snooze button and struggling to get up, he mentioned a coworker suggested we should visit the Dunes.  I thought about our quickly filling fall calendar and my busy work schedule this month and said, "Why don't we go this weekend?"  Before we could exchange another text and before I was even out bed, Matt texted me that he booked a hotel.  Bam!  That's how you plan a last minute trip lol.

Though Matt and I have lived in Chicago for over four years, we have done very few day or weekend trips.  This is something we made a commitment to do more of after we both got grown-up jobs and finished fixing up our house, so it was nice to finally put that into action.  We went without much of a plan, which tends to make this overplanner a bit on edge, but we figured stuff out once we got there with only one small meltdown on my part lol.  It was really nice to leave our normal routine behind for a weekend and just enjoy a new place together.  And who knew that Lake Michigan beaches were so pretty?!  If I would have known this gorgeousness was only two hours away, we would have gone much sooner!  Here are a few pics from our trip!

IMG 4782In the car and ready to go!  (Please note: this picture was not actually taken while driving.  I'm photo crazy, but not that photo crazy lol.)

Lake Michigan Weekend1Sand, sun, and a friendly little seagull.  Not a bad view :)

IMG 4795This picture was taken on a little hike through the dunes.  I'd actually really like to go back during the fall and hike more of the area.  The views are really pretty!

Lake Michigan WeekendIs it just me or are ya'll surprised the beach is this legit?  I don't know why, but I thought it would feel more "lakey" and less "beachy" lol.  And as much as I loved the sand, I have to admit, the river kayaking was a highlight of the weekend for me.  Ever since I was a teenager at summer camp, I have LOVED kayaking.  (Surprising, I know.)  Matt and I are now toying with the idea of purchasing kayaks.  It's fun, exercise, and tanning all in one; what's not to love?!

IMG 4836Really thankful that we get to go through life together :)

Lake Michigan Weekend2The water was absolutely frigid (62 degrees according to the park rangers!)  I didn't make it in past my waist, but Matt was brave and swam pretty far out.

IMG 4832So pretty, right?  Take me back!

All in all, it was a really awesome weekend, and it was hard to believe it was just a weekend trip.  I noticed that on our drive back to Chicago, it felt like we'd been gone for three or four days, which I think is a reminder that we need to get away more, especially right now while it's just the two of us.  I have a tendency to want to take "big trips," and these often aren't realistic with our budget or our schedules.  So this weekend was a great reminder that sometimes a weekend is all you need.

We're already planning what little town we want to venture to next, so for any Midwestern readers, we'd love any suggestions you have!  Enjoy your week friends, and as always, thanks for stopping by this little space on the Internet!