Monday, January 13, 2014


Hey there, friends!  Happy New Year!  (And while we're at it, I should probably also wish you a happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and every other holiday I've missed over the past few months!)  I thought I'd pop in to catch up and say hi to this little space on the Internet.  I haven't quite felt inspired or motivated to blog over the past few months, which I imagine was related to pure exhaustion following my postdoc and licensing exam.  But now that I've had some time to rest and rejuvinate, I think I'm going to be paying a visit to this little space much more often :)

Here's a peek at what I've been up to lately!

Oct 27 20131*Matt and I had so much fun getting a homemade pasta lesson from our dear friends, Max and Christie!  Max is Italian and Christie's kitchen skills rival Julia Child's, so we felt quite lucky with our little lesson!
*My new favorite smoothie, courtesy of  Deliciously Ella.  (Find the recipe here, and don't blame me when you're addicted!)

Thanksgiving 2013 2*Pattern mixing for a presentation at my old postdoc site.  It was fun to be back as the professional this time!
*I can't get enough of my Tutu Tumbler.  It's cuteness pumps me up every time I see it! 

Oct 27 2013*We headed to San Antonio several weeks ago for a wedding, and we enjoyed some good old fashioned Texas sightseeing while we were there.
*As you've probably noticed, (especially if you follow me on Instagram), I finally took the hair plunge and chopped off twelve inches!  I'm so glad I did; it's been a fun and much needed change.

Oct 1 20131*I'm a sucker for flatbread pizzas, especially when they're shared with a girlfriend over a bottle of wine.
*A weekend visit from my dear friend Jacque + a random Heisman event outside of the Tribune Tower makes for a photo op too fun to pass up. 

Oct 6 2013*My blogging absence meant passing over sharing my favorite fall picking!
*An added bonus this year was having Matt's parents in town from Arizona for the annual tradition. 

Oct 1 2013*This sequin top might be one of my favorite things in my closet.  It practically guarantees a good day.
*Tendron + lime at Embeya.  This cocktail is in my top three favorite cocktails in Chicago.  It's so so good. 

Norma and Jerry s Wedding1*Posing with my dear friend Norma at her rehearsal dinner.  My cheeks hurt at the end of the weekend from smiling so much.  Spending time with our old grad school friends was soul-nourishingly good!
*24 hours later...the newly married couple!  Sidenote: Norma was a stunning bride!

Norma and Jerry s Wedding*Mandatory hotel selfie :)
*Grateful that we were able to soak up some much needed sun in Arizona over Thanksgiving. 

Norma and Jerry s Wedding 2*A weekend trip to Dallas meant that I was able to spend some quality time with my parents and their new sweet dog, Annie.
*Naturally, fried pickles were included in this quality time :) 

Christmas 2013*Prosciutto and arugula pizza + drinks at Bar Toma.
*Michigan Avenue shopping and photo posing is required at least once a holiday season in Chicago. 

Christmas 20132*Dinner at Isla Pilipina with two of my oldest and dearest friends.
*Bright and bold pants are my cure for Chicago's dreary and cold winters.  These purple cords are a favorite.

Christmas 20131*This year, we hosted my family in Chicago for Christmas, and we enjoyed a night at our favorite Greektown spot.
*After six months in our new house, we finally found a good local burger spot.  The pretzel bun sealed the deal for me :) 

So there's a little peek into what's been happening around here lately.  What's new with you?  Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear!  I'm looking forward to coming back to this loved little space.  Have a fabulous week!