Thursday, May 27, 2010

In This Place

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The boxes are taped, the truck is loaded, our bags our packed.  We’re spending the night at a friend’s house and then heading out on our new adventure bright and early tomorrow.  This morning, after our sweet friends and moving crew were gone, I looked around at our empty apartment with a mix of emotions.  For the past four years, this place has been home, and looking at the bare walls and empty rooms, I couldn’t help but think about all that has happened in this place.

In this place, I moved out on my own for the first time,
lived in a pink paradise shoebox apartment,
and found out all the expenses that come with being a “grown up.”

In this place, I met my wonderful husband,
some fabulous friends,
and the world’s greatest boss and friend.

In this place, I followed my heart,
learned a lot about making my own path,
and becoming my own person.

In this place, I got more interested in fashion,
taking greater risks and chances with my closet,
because I figured no one in this small town would notice if I looked like I got dressed in the dark.

In this place, I began to truly value my high school friends,
as people who know the real me and take me as I am,
no matter how much time or distance stands between us.

In this place, I learned getting a Ph.D is a challenge,
its brought incredible growth, life lessons, and self discovery,
as well as some crazy naysayers and people who I can’t wait to prove wrong.

In this place, I’ve met found a passion for working with college students,
been blessed to teach some incredible young people,
and been equally blessed to have learned so much from them.

In this place, I’ve had countless laughs,
took thousands of pictures,
and made millions of memories.

In this place, I have changed,
and been impacted by some really fabulous people.

So as we prepare to head out on our new adventure, I am thoughtful and thankful about all that has happened here in this place, and I am eager for all the new memories that await us. 

In our new place.

*We’ll be on the road for the next few days, but hopefully I’ll be able to snag some internet at our hotels.  At the latest, I’ll be back on Monday with an arrival update and some pictures from along the way.  Have a fabulous weekend, dear friends!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Target Tag Snag

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Remember in this post when I talked about the shopping spree bonanza my mother in law took me on during Matt and I’s weekend trip to Arizona?  Yes, it was delightful, and yes, I know I promised to show off my goodies (haha, no, not those goodies)…my shopping goodies, you sickos :)  I had all these fabulous outfit of the day posts planned for this week, but with packing, moving, huffing and puffing, there is nothing OOTD worthy around here (unless you consider ratty shirts and high school Soffe shorts OOTD worthy.)

So until we settle in Chicago and I start dressing like a human being again, I thought I would tell you a little tale about one of my recent purchases…

On our third day-o-shopping we hit up Target (for the second time on our trip.)  We browsed cardigans, dresses, and swimsuits galore, and being the thrifty gal that I am, I headed straight for the clearance rack.  I was delighted and surprised to see a great pair of yoga pants hanging in the medium section.  Now, I know what you’re thinking…”Big whoop, Allison.  A yoga pant gets you excited?  Perhaps you should get out more.”  I know, I know, it sounds a little weird to get all giddy about a yoga pant, but ya’ll, I’m 5’10” and it is RARE to find any pants that come within ten inches of the floor on me.  So when I spotted these babies, gave them the once over, I was hopeful they’d fit.  Then, when I tried them (and 856 other things) on for my mother in law, I squealed over how long they were and how well they fit!  And I quote…

“Oh my gah, these are perfect!  I know they’re not anything crazy or unique, but I am always looking for lounge pants, but can’t ever find any that fit.  These are perfect.  They’re surprisingly long enough, not too tight in the legs, and they have room in all the right places for me!”

So imagine my shock when I was unpacking to read the following in the label of my “perfect-have-room-in-all-the-right-places pants…”

“Liz Lange for Target MATERNITY.”

The pants I adore so much, the pants that fit so perfectly, are actually made for someone growing a KID inside of them.  Hahahaha.  Awesome.

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh :)

What’s made you laugh lately?

Monday, May 24, 2010


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I’ve been worrying a lot lately.  Worrying about our move, worrying about finding a job, worrying about how I’ll feel when I’m hundreds of miles from my family and best friends.  Worrying is a tricky thing; it’s a trap.  I spend countless hours and energy obsessing over things I have absolutely no control over, and in this process, I miss out using these hours and energy somewhere where it counts, somewhere where I can do something.  So today, I’m trying hard not to worry.  Because this picture is so right.  Today is the day I worried about yesterday.  I worried, but it came and went all the same.  Nothing happy is happening today because I worried.  Happy things are happening because they’re happening, so I’m going to embrace the motto “let go and let God.”  Today, I am not going to worry…

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birthdays, Goodbyes, and Prom, Oh My!

Hello and happy weekend!  This weekend has been pretty busy but really wonderful, filled with happy moments with friends and family and some bittersweet goodbyes as Matt and I prepare to move (tear.)  So, this is a bit of a mish mosh of a post, but I want to document and squeeze in all the last few memories as we prepare to leave the place we’ve called home for the past four years.  Enough of that, the tears are beginning to well, so I’ll move onto to the post :)

DSCN2552 Thursday night was a birthday celebration for our friend Natalia.  We went to one of our favorite spots for dinner (the same place we went for my birthday dinner last month.)  I am loving her dress!

DSCN2533 Matt and I looking like “that” couple in our matching blazers.  Totally unplanned, I swear.

DSCN2534 Norma and I shamefully sitting with our Blackberrys on the table.  That is sad, seriously, and after seeing this picture, I’m slightly embarrassed.  Note to self: put it in my purse next time.

DSCN2542 Nati, her chocolate mousse bombe, and her birthday sparkler.  The sparkler went out before we could get a picture, so Norma and I smiled and asked nicely if the waiter could redo it.  He laughed.  We didn’t.  He went and got another one for a redo.  The things that are necessary for birthday photos :)

DSCN2548 Of course we couldn’t end the night without a self shot lol.  These people have been a part of my daily life for the past 3-4 years and its weird to think about how different that will be in a week :/  Luckily, we got to squeeze in a last birthday celebration for Nati, and we’re excited for Norma’s celebration tomorrow night!

16735_762270631548_16735515_43189374_4863292_n  Friday was my last day at my job and a really hard day.  I’ve talked before about my how much I love my job and leaving it is the hardest thing about moving to Chicago.  My job and my students have been such a special part of my life for so long now, that I hate imagining my days without them.  The worst part of the day was certainly saying goodbye to my boss.  (The picture above is us at one of our winter events.)  I cried just walking into her office.  I couldn’t even look her in the eye, and I couldn't begin to choke out any words.  And just to make me cry even harder, she gave me the most beautiful photo album/scrapbook filled with photos and messages from students, past and present as well as coworkers.  I cried just opening it.  Later, after I left the office with mascara half way down my face, I sat in car reading all the notes and messages, crying even harder.  It is the most beautiful thing I’ve even seen, and now holds the title for the “first thing I would grab if my house was on fire.”  Though it was an incredibly rough day and I’m depressed about leaving, I’m trying to remember that good things and new opportunities are ahead of me…(Yes, must repeat…good things and new opportunities are ahead of me…)  Positive thinking, right?

DSCN2561   Luckily, my brother’s prom was Friday, so I couldn’t wallow in my last-day-of-work-sadness too long.  After work, I drove to Houston to see THIS little cutie.  I mean seriously?  Have you ever seen a more handsome little dude?!  Eeeek, I have the cutest little brother EVER!

DSCN2562 Ryan and the parentals.  So cute!

DSCN2563 A quick family self shot before we hit the road :)

We took this video as my brother and I pulled out of the neighborhood with my parents following behind.  I don’t know why I love it so much, but it was such a fun moment, and I was lucky to capture a few seconds of it.  I have a feeling I’ll be watching this on repeat when I’m homesick in Chicago.  (Depending on how loud you play the video, you may be able to hear my squeaky giggling in the background lol.)

DSCN2576 Ry and his date, Loren.  She was so precious.  Is it weird that I want to steal a high schooler’s prom dress?  (Ok, not steal, but you know what I mean.)  For realz, how cute is she and how gorgeous is her dress?  Much different than my poufy pink high school prom get up :)

DSCN2617 Oh how fast he has grown up :(

IMG_1366 Luckily, Ryan isn’t “too cool” to take a pic with his big sis, even when all his friends are around :)  After the pictures, the laughs, and the limo, my parents and I headed to dinner then back to anxiously wait up for my brother.  I’m starting to realize being a parent is an exhausting job!

This morning, my mom and I woke up early, and like our usual Saturday mornings when I’m in Houston, we hit the garage sale trail.  We found lots of fabulous treasures (including some great vintage jewelry), though I’m scared to see what Matt says when I lug the loot inside our apartment tomorrow.  We’re supposed to be moving our stuff out, not in.  Oops :)  Then my fam and I spent the afternoon soaking up some rays at the pool and enjoying some fajitas grill side.  Oh how I love weekends at home.  I’m sure going to miss them…

So though I’m sad and a little nervous about all the goodbyes coming up this week, I’m thankful for such a great weekend full fabulous memories with friends, coworkers, and family.  No matter how far away I am from my loved ones, I’ll always have my memories, and for that, I am so grateful :)

How was your weekend?  I’d love to hear!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Arizona Recap and a Trip OOTD

Hello long lost friends!  I go on vacation for a few days, and I feel like I haven’t blogged for months!  Eesh.  Matt and I got back from Arizona late last night, and though I’m feeling a little run down today, the trip was definitely worth it!  Even though we’re moving in 9 days (eeek!), we really wanted to try and squeeze in a trip to see Matt’s family before we left, and I am so so glad we did!  Now that my family is back in the country and living in Houston, we get to see them often, but we don’t get to see Matt’s fam nearly enough, so it was great to be able to see them!  Matt’s brother Josh (you know, the one who treated us to all those delightful desserts) wasn’t able to join us, but other than missing him, we had such a fabulous time!  (I also don’t have quite as many pictures to document our trip as Josh is the crazed photog of the family.)  When it comes to in-laws, I got soooo lucky.  Like, really lucky.  The Davis family is so accepting, so fun, and so gracious.   (It doesn’t hurt that they love to shop and eat as much as me either!)  But for realz, I am so blessed and so thankful for such an incredible group of people I am lucky to call in-laws!  Onto our trip recap…

DSCN2446 We arrived in AZ late Thursday night and after quick bite to eat at Applebee’s (never again, I was up sick all night), we hit the hay.  Rested on Friday, we set out shopping bright and early with Matt’s mom.  We spent 4 HOURS in Nordstrom Rack, and I’m pretty sure I tried on everything in the store.  (PS: If you have a Nordstrom Rack in your area and haven’t been, you NEED to go.  We are obsessed with that place!)  And since photog Josh wasn’t with us, I didn’t remember to snap any pics until halfway through lunch, oopsie.  (See Josh, this is why we need you!)

DSCN2445 We grabbed lunch at NYPD, New York Pizza Department (clever huh?)  Matt and his mom look like twinsies in blue :)

DSCN2447 Look at that greasy goodness!  I’m pretty sure, I’d love to have a slice of that sitting on my desk right now.  So yummy!

DSCN2450 After more shopping and some great jewelry finds at Target (I love Target’s new designer jewelry lines, because after being fairly overpriced for Target, it hits the clearance section in large quantities and at great prices), we headed home so Matt’s dad could work his magic on the grill.  Here, the dogs were clearly offering up their assistance. 

DSCN2454 I know I’m from Texas, but even for me, steaks this gigantic are still a sight.  Howard worked his magic in serving steaks three times the size of my face.  Overwhelming?  Yes.  Awesome?  Definitely.  (And for the record, I ate about a third of my steak.)

DSCN2463 The next morning, Matt’s older sister and her kids drove in from California.  We met them at The Good Egg, which has become a regular thing during our AZ visits.  Nothing like an omelets and country friend potatoes to fuel you up for a day of shopping :)

DSCN2464 Matt and I pose with little Andrew.  Sidenote: the blue beaded chain necklace was a Target clearance find from the day before.  Originally $15, I snagged it for $3.74.  Perhaps I should rename my blog, Smart, Sassy, and Thrifty with Sprinkles!

DSC05842 In true Davis fashion, we spent all of Saturday at the mall.  (Seeee, I told you my in-laws are my kind of people!)  Here, Jamie (Matt’s mom), Alex (our niece), me, and Matt pose for a little shopping picture.

DSC05838 Alex and Jamie made a pit stop at Claire’s.  After a twenty minute time warp back to my elementary and junior high days of bright plastic accessories, I stepped outside for a photo with the boys.

DSCN2472 Alex and Aunt Allison.  (It’s really weird to me that when Matt and I got married, I became an aunt.  It was like one day, I’m not an aunt, and then poof, I’m an aunt.  It’s weird to say I have a niece and nephew, I don’t know why.  For the longest time, I called them “Matt’s niece and nephew,” until he was like, “Umm, Allison, they’re your niece and nephew too.”  Oh yeeeahhh.  Weird, but since they’re so cute, I think I’ve transitioned well :)

DSCN2468 The girls showing off our loot (courtesy of Jamie and Howard!)  I practically got a new closet on our vacation.  For realz, it was awesome, and I told Matt that night, I was too excited to sleep because the day had felt like Christmas.  They were super generous and provided lots of goodies for future OOTD posts!

DSCN2469 I love my bag man, err, I mean my husband.  Yes, husband, that’s what I meant :)

DSCN2460 Here is what I wore shopping on Saturday afternoon.  Please excuse the horrible shadows.  My bag man camera man husband is still in OOTD photographer training.  And yes, I know you’re sick of seeing these dresses, but I warned you I was obsessed.

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Rampage {here} {also available at Macy’s, but I can’t find them online}

Necklaces: Target; from my trip to Spain a few years ago

Earrings: Forever 21

Ring: Davis Yurman

DSC05845 Saturday night, we headed to The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Matt’s belated birthday.  Cheesecake Factory is the Davis’ celebration spot.  You know, the place they go to celebrate all the family’s fun and exciting occasions.  Do you and your family have a “celebration spot?”  If not, I recommend The Cheesecake Factory.  What better way to celebrate than with gigantic portions, loads of carbs, and huge chunks of cheesy desserts?

DSC05847 This picture makes me think I should go back to my dark hair.  I look left out!

DSCN2477 Matt and me :)

DSC05851 Matt’s birthday cheesecake.  He acted all surprised when they brought it out.  When will he learn that I’m just not capable of letting birthdays be celebrated quietly or privately?

DSC05854 Sunday morning, Matt met a friend for golf, and we girls of course did what we do best.  Brunched and shopped.  (Yes, they are verbs.)  First stop, Mimi’s Cafe.  PS: Why have I always thought this was an “old person” place?  It was so yummy, and we were halfway through our meal when we realized they had mimosas.  Dang, why didn’t we know that!  Note for next visit…

DSCN2494 Posing for a picture in the middle of Matt’s shoe shopping debacle.  Whhhyyy does he have to be so difficult when it comes to shopping?  After visiting 953 stores, he finally settled on the shoes I suggested in the first store.  Sheesh.

DSCN2515 After breakfast on Monday, Julie and the kids headed back to Cali, and we headed to the bowling alley with Matt’s parents.  This bowling alley was so fancy, it even has couches.  I mean, we only do VIP right?

DSCN2502 Matt and his mom :)

DSCN2506 I’m looking a little run down here, but sadly, this is the best pic I have of us bowling.  Oh, I should also mention, that on Matt’s first time up to bowl, he slipped and fell.  Like, arms flailing, legs in the air, butt on the ground kind of fall.  It was the funniest thing I have seen since I don’t know when.  Hahahhaha, oh Matt, always good for a laugh :)

So there you have it, our quick trip to Arizona and back.  We shopped, ate, shopped, hung out, ate, and shopped till our hearts were content.  But more importantly, we got to spend time with some delightful people who we love very much.  And nothing in the world beats that :)

What about you, how was your weekend, what have I missed?!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hanging in AZ

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Hello pretties!  I hope this finds you enjoying a nice and sunny Saturday morning/afternoon.  Matt and I arrived in Arizona late Thursday to visit his family, and we are soaking up all the family time, sun, and shopping that we possibly can.  We head back to Texas late Tuesday night, so you can expect a full recap with lots of pictures soon after!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Story of Us

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So last week was “Matt Week.”  Kind of like “Shark Week” but not as creepy.  It wasn’t an intentional dedicated week, but with a dissertation defense and a birthday, it couldn’t be anything else but “Matt Week.”  Matt Week brought many of you out asking, “How did you and Matt meet?”  Lindsay was actually the first reader to ask about Matt and I’s meet story, and I told her eons ago I’d post about it.  Eons later…here is the story of us, at least according to me…

In the spring of 2006, I interviewed for a Ph.D program in Texas.
Matt was a year ahead of me and already in the program.
I came to interview; he sat on the student panel who interviewed

He was loud, confident, and laughed a lot.
I noticed, but barely, because I was so anxious about the interview.
In one question, the panel asked, “What makes you weird?”
(Umm, how the hell are you supposed to answer that?!)
I tried to think of something weird, something that wouldn’t make it sound like I tried to find something-weird-but-secretly-normal.

I said I did Jazzercise.
Matt and everyone on the panel laughed.
I laughed, but fakely.  Damn.  Had my “weird” been too weird?
That following Monday, I got a phone call from a professor.
I got into the program. 
I guess my weird was ok.

Matt apparently thought I was attractive/hot/cute (or some other guy form of the word.)
He and his best friend Miguel referred to me as “the Jazzercise girl” for the rest of the summer.
When I got to the program in the fall, I (aka Jazzercise girl) had a boyfriend.
Matt was sad.  Matt attempted some flirting.
I wasn’t impressed.

I thought he was loud, obnoxious and kind of cocky.
He thought I was stuck up, bitchy, and vanilla.
Those are common misconceptions of both of us.
Matt is confident (and yes, pretty loud) so it can be seen as cocky.
I am shy as hell in new situations; it comes off as snotty and stuck up.

But over two semesters of graduate statistics, we found two mutual friends…Clare and Miguel.
Me and Clare were besties.  Matt and Miguel were besties.
Matt, Miguel, Clare, and me.
The four us began spending more time together, but always as the four of us (or just the besties together.)
No variation of Matt and I together without the others; we weren’t that comfortable with each other.

One night, the four of us were supposed to meet for dinner and drinks.
Clare texted, she had yoga and couldn’t make it.  Dang.
Miguel texted, he got caught up in something.  He couldn’t make it.
Without the four of us, Matt and I would be clueless and awkward.
We’d have nothing to say to each other.
We each furiously texted half of our phonebooks to try to find someone else to join us.
Someone else to water down his cockiness.
Someone else to water down my snottiness.

No one could come.  Not one single soul.
It was too late to cancel without looking like losers.
We’d have to go.
Just the two of us.

We sat out on the patio at a baja taco bar.
The aluminum chairs squeaked as we sat down.
Oh God.  This is going to be awkward.
And it was.
For about ten minutes.
Then, with no one there to rescue us, no one there to cover, we had to be our real selves.
Our real, non-cocky, non-bitchy selves.

Two hours later, we went our separate ways.
I can’t lie and say “there were sparks…we knew right away.”
But we both left feeling…different.
Different about each other, different about ourselves maybe, but mostly, different about the way we saw one another.
Not crazy and conceited, but funny and soft,
Not snotty and vanilla, but hesitant and thoughtful.

Weeks went by.
We continued to hang out the four of us, but our real selves were much more visible.
Then one night out, things were different.
I have no idea what was different, why it was different, or why we didn’t question it more.
But things were different.  Really different.
There was an undeniable spark between us.
We could both feel it; everyone could see it.
It was weird. 
And unexpected.
But we went with it.

A few weeks later, it was just us.
Together.  Serious.
Me and Matt.
It was weird and really out of character.
I look back now and think, was it really that way?
Yep.  It was.  (I sometimes re-read the emails to smile and make sure.)
It was weird alright.
But it was awesome.

I flew to Arizona to meet his family.
I loved them, and they liked (or pretended) to like me.
A few months after the spark, we sat in the customs office so Matt could apply for a passport to spend Christmas with my family.
(My fam was living in London at the time.)
Now I look back and think, good Lord, that was so fast, what if we’d broken up?
How awkward.
That thought didn’t enter my mind then.
And I’m glad it didn’t.
Matt came for Christmas, something I’d never let anyone else share with my family before.

We talked about marriage early on, but both agreed a full year of dating was necessary.
So we dated a year.
He took me ring shopping and then surprised me when I least expected it.
It was perfect.
And better than I’d ever imagined as a child.

We continued to grow together, facing challenges.
Ups and downs.
A year later, June 26, 2009, we got married.
It was the best day of my life.
And a fabulous page in the story of us.
We are so blessed to have one another.
Life is hard, people are not perfect.
Relationships take work.
But there is no one I’d rather have by my side through the ups and the downs, 
And the pages of life
than Matt.

* So there you have it… the story of us.  I hope this wasn’t too personal or too much.  I sat down to write and this is what came out.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Heart Kelly and an OOTD

Mara Hoffman Front Row MBFW Miami Swim 2010 cfU5ne0YxDvl {photo of whitney and kelly at mercedes-benz fashion week swim in miami last summer}

Soooo…I just finished watching The Hills/The City (my Tuesday night obsession) and can I just say that I freaking love Kelly Cutrone!  For realz.  She is so awesome and ballsy, I LOVE it.  Please take note of what she said about tonight about Olivia double crossing her precious Whitney….Prepare yourself cause it’s awesome (and slightly vulgar if you have sensitive ears…)

“No, she is dead.  She is dead.  I will f**king come up like a shark underneath a glass bottom boat and whip the shit out of her.

Hahahhaha, that woman is so honest and crazy-in-a-good-way, I freaking LOVE her.  I will literally laugh at that statement for as long as I live and use it the first moment someone gets shady on me.  She cracks me up in the most delightful way possible.  I love love love her.  LOVE HER if you missed that.  Love.Her.

Ok, I’m done…(I’m sorry.  When I love peeps, I reeeally love them.) 

Anyway…on to my outfit of the day.  Well, outfit of the day, yesterday.  I had no photographer.  Just me, my camera, and my mirror.  Check it.



Blazer: the Gap

Tank: TJ Maxx

Boyfriend jeans: the Gap

Shoes: Gianni Bini

Necklaces: from my trip to Spain; vintage

Ring: David Yurman

Earrings: New York and Company (gifted from my sister in law)

A few months ago, I finally figured out how to wear blazers, and since then I’ve been scooping them up every chance I get (and can afford.)  I had my eye on this one at the Gap, but on the hanger, it looked like a weird hoodie/blazer child.  Not good.  But a few weeks later, a sale tag made me try it on.  And I loved it.  The hoodie/blazer combination?  Genius.  I kind of felt like I was sitting at my desk in my pajamas, yet no one else could tell.  One point for me, zero for the office dress code.

And for the rest of your week, a little motivation on how to handle the bully in your life.  In the words of  Kelly Cutrone of course…

“You need to take this bitch out.  Scare the shit out of her, and don’t ever do it in email or do it in writing.” 

Hahaha, awe-some.  (PS Mom, I know this totally might embarrass you on my blog, but you and Kelly Cutrone have some similarities.  You are not quite as crazy or quite as vulgar, but your momma bear instincts, no BS ways, and tendency to scare people who don’t know you are totally similar.  In a good way of course.)

PS: If you don’t watch The City, please don’t think I’m some deranged psycho.  Kelly’s awesomeness is an acquired taste, one that I frankly find quite hilarious.

On that note (and the note that half of you all probably think I’m crazy) goodnight and have a happy Wednesday.  And if anyone messes with you tomorrow…shark with glass bottom boat… :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pick Me Up

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I could definitely use a pick me up today and this rock candy would totally do the trick!  These lovely sweets are such a throwback from my childhood!  Love them!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Two Weeks Till Goodbye…

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Two weeks from Friday, we will be shutting the door to the Uhaul, locking up our apartment for the last time, and hitting the road for our new home in Chicago.  Two weeks.  I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.  The day Matt and I could get out of this little town, the day I could say goodbye to the naysayers and the doubters, and the day we get to start a new and exciting adventure.  But now that this day is a month away, I’m starting to have second thoughts.  Not second thoughts about our move or how much we’ll love Chicago, but second thoughts about how much I’m going to miss this place, how much I’m going to miss the people I’ve grown to love, and how much I’m going to miss the life we’ve built here.  I came to this town thinking, its just four years, it’s just for this degree, I can do it, no problem.  It’s been four years, and though there have certainly been some rough patches, there have also been some incredible times.  Some really incredible times.

I’ve met people who have significantly impacted my life.  People who have challenged me, supported me, loved me, and liked me.  People who have helped me figure out who I am and who I want to be.  These people have been friends, colleagues, students, and supervisors.  These people have made this place a home, and now with two weeks until we leave, the thought of saying goodbye to these people is overwhelming.  I’m finding myself cramming in as many dinner dates, Starbucks trips, and long chats with people as I can.  I’m finding myself glued to my camera, desperately trying to capture every minute that goes by.  Last week, I found myself wondering if I could hire a papparazzo to follow me and my loved ones around, capturing the little, hidden moments that are the most special.  The subtle signs of affection, the laughs, the hugs, the jokes from my students…the things that a “Ready, one, two, three (click of my Nikon) can’t seem to catch.  I’m not ready to give those moments up, I’m not ready to say goodbye to those moments and the people who make them so special.

Goodbyes are hard, and I certainly don’t think I do them well.  I typically put them off, fumble to find the right words, and then break down in tears as I hug the person goodbye.  I often hear others say, “See you soon,” which in many cases, is an avoidance of the fact that, honestly, you probably won’t see each other soon.  Sure, when I hug my family and my bestest friends goodbye, I can say that, because, I will see them soon (or at least again.)  But many of my students and student mentors, I very well likely may not see again.  They will grow up, graduate, and do great things with their lives.  Of course, I’ve said goodbye before, but something about staying put and watching others trickle in and out is easier than being the one to leave.  Being the one to uproot yourself and leave a place with people you know and love.

So today, though I am excited for Chicago and know it will be an adventure for Matt and I, I can’t help but think about how hard it is to say goodbye to places and people that I love, places and people who have brought constant joy and inspiration into my life.  I have a feeling  these next two weeks are going to be filled with lots of goodbyes, lots of hugs, and for me, lots of tears.  I have a feeling two weeks from Friday is going to be a hard, hard day…

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother’s Day, Matt’s Bday, and an OOTD

I know, I’m the last person in blogland to send out happy Mother’s Day wishes, but we went to Houston to spend the weekend with my family, and I purposefully left my computer at home, so I could cherish the weekend with my family and celebrate my amazingly fabulous mummsie.  (I have no idea when or why I started calling my mom “mummsie,” but I did, and it stuck, so I’m rolling with it.)

_MG_4202 {photo by Rachel Robinson}

Mom…you are too incredible for words.  You’ve taught me so much, shown me even more, and made me the person I am today.  You’ve encouraged me to dream big, take risks, have faith and believe in myself.  You have set an incredible example for how to love others, and I cannot imagine my life without you.  Today and everyday, I am so thankful for you.

PS…If you missed my mom’s shout out, see it here!  Another sweet shout out to my dear friend Kendall who is celebrating her first Mother’s Day ever.  I posted about her baby shower earlier this spring, and her little Mason arrived on April 21.  Enjoy your day, Kendall; I can’t believe you’re a mommy now, eeek! :)

DSCN2369-1 Yesterday was Matt’s birthday, so to celebrate, we headed to Red Onion in Houston for some Latin fusion.  Both my dad and my brother had been before and raved about the food, so I was really excited to try it.  And oh my goodness, it did not disappoint!

DSCN2375 Everything on the menu looked delicious, and not one person didn’t love what they ordered.  On top of their fab food, their drinks were sooo yummy.  I felt like we were back in Mexico on our honeymoon.  These were my favorites of the night.  I initially teased my dad for ordering a pina colada, but after I tasted it, the joke was on me.  It was oh so good.  I ordered one immediately and will probably dream about that little tasty for the rest of the summer.

DSCN2380 Ugh.  What happened to my “little” brother.  He is no longer little and no longer wearing Gymboree or watching Arthur.  Tear.  He is growing up so fast :(

DSCN2381 Me and the birthday boy.  Happy birthday, Matt!  I love you so much :)

DSCN2382 Here was my outfit of the day.  Nothing special, nothing complicated, just an easy, go to outfit.  These are the dresses I got so excited over on my birthday.  You know, the shopping trip where I bought five dresses that were almost identical?  Love them :)

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Rampage {here} (I bought these at Macy’s 2 years ago in black, and last summer I went back for another identical pair.  I adore these shoes and get more compliments on these than almost any other pair of shoes I own.  I’m not a fan of “flip flops” so these are my version of the thrown on summer sandal.)

Necklaces: Kate Spade {see my post here}, Target, vintage

Earrings: Target

Rings: vintage { my great aunt Bunny’s}; Banana Republic

DSCN2387 After dinner, we went back to the house for cake.  Italian cream cake.  Yum.  You may notice we broke the first “Y” in “happy.”  So we sang and wished Matt a very “Happ Birthday.”

DSCN2405 This morning we celebrated Mother’s Day with a big brunch at the house.  This year we opted not to do a big restaurant brunch, and my mom said it was the best Mother’s Day yet.  It was nice not to have to rush and be cramped.  Plus, with Matt and I moving in a few weeks, its nice to spend time being together at home.  And yes, that is another one of those Forever 21 find dresses I’m wearing.  Told you I am obsessed :)

DSCN2410 And though I’m not a real mommy, I am a doggy mommy.  When I went off to college, I had to leave my son dog Toby with my parents.  Sad day.  I have no earthly idea why the Kappa house didn’t want us bring dogs :)  But luckily, I get to see him often and give him lots of mommy/doggy smooches :)

I am so thankful for such a delightful weekend.  I love any celebration, but celebrating both Matt and my mom in one weekend was such a joy!  Lots of good stuff planned for this upcoming week including my last graduate course paper EVER (excluding my dissertation of course) and a long overdue trip to Arizona to see Matt’s family.  Hooray!  Hope your weekend was great and that your week is filled with lots of joy!