Saturday, May 1, 2010

Date Night Surprise and an OOTD


Last night was date night, and not only did Matt and I have fun, we got a totally unexpected surprise at dinner.  We went to our favorite little local Italian spot in the historic downtown of our little city.  It’s a really special place for Matt and I; we had several of our first dates there, we got engaged on a bench across the street from the restaurant, and we’ve celebrated just about every occasion there.  So for Christmas, Matt’s brother, Josh, got us a gift card so we could enjoy our favorite spot on him.  He is so thoughtful :)  So last night as we were in the middle of dinner, I said, “We should text Josh to tell him we’re enjoying date night on him,” so Matt did, and Josh texted back something along the lines of, “Oh I’m so glad, have fun!”  So as we’re wrapping our dinner (I had their seafood ravioli which is, the waiter comes over and says, “So have you saved room for dessert?”  Matt and I laugh and start to give the standard, “Uhh, I don’t know, we’re so full, blah blah blah,” when the waiter says, “Well you better have saved room, because Josh had ordered you two every dessert on the menu.”  Wait, what?!  It turns out that after we texted Josh, he called the restaurant, explained the gift card and our love for the restaurant and then ordered us every dessert on the menu!  This is what came to our table…


Helloooooo sugar/chocolate/cream heaven!  Not only was it ridiculously delicious, it was so incredibly thoughtful of Josh to make Matt and I’s night extra special.  He always thinks about the little ways to make stuff memorable.  Thank you Josh, you are my favorite brother in law ever!  (Ok, I know you’re my only brother in law, but you really are my favorite!)  Annnd I may or may not have had the rest of the tiramisu for breakfast :)

After dinner, we walked to meet our friends at a wine bar just around the corner.  It’s one of our go to places on a weekend night.  Love it (and my fabulous friends!)


DSCN2305 DSCN2292


They were having a steal of a deal on wine flights, and my friends and I are never ones to pass up a good deal  :)  And because you all were so sweet with my last OOTD post, I thought I’d do another one from last night’s date night.  I’m not crazy about the way the whole thing photographed, and Matt and I need to work on figuring out the best backgrounds and poses for these posts, but enough of that, here’s the look.

DSCN2277 My face is blurry, but whatev, you can still see the outfit.


Dress: BCBG

Boyfriend cardigan: a boutique in London, can’t remember the name!

Belt: Steinmart from a bazillion years ago, I’ve never found a belt I can wear or love more

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Necklace: Kate Spade {see my post here}; Target, Target

Rings: vintage { my great aunt Bunny’s}; Banana Republic

Earrings: Banana Republic

Not totally thrilled with this outfit, but I’ve decided that part of my OOTD deal is going to be posting regularly, even if I think its not a home run or one of my faves.  How was your Friday night?  What did you do; what did you wear?  Let me know!

PS: To see the awesomeness of the another one of Josh’s Christmas presents, check out a post from last November.  If you haven’t seen it, there’s a video, and you’ll be surprised, it involves me and a gun range :)


Amanda said...

What an awesome date night you two had! Your brother in-law so thoughtful!! I really like the outfit that you wore last night too! The cardigan is great!

littledaisymay said...

I'd be in heaven with all those desserts :) Love your outfit too!

caknitter said...

Man, I want a BIL like Josh in my life, too. What a sweetheart!
Your outfit is cute. Dressy and comfy at the same time for a good dinner.

Kayla & Brien said...

AH! I would have eaten every single bit of that chocolate cake and cheesecake!! How can any of those deserts go wrong!! What a great BIL! (You rock Josh!!) I love your OOTD. Cotton is my favorite...especially since it it starting to warm up and you can put on your favorite cotton dress (mine would be a Maxi!!) and a cotton sweater and feel glam and comfy!! LOVE IT! Can't wait for the next OOTD!!

MsHark said...

wow what a wonderful night!! how sweet is your friend!

I'm eyeing that canoli... hah. But, really, I love your necklaces.


Anonymous said...

You look stunning! xo

amy kelinda said...

Wow, Josh is SO SWEET! You truly do have the best brother in law ever! I bet you two had quite a kick sampling every dessert on the menu, haha! I love your OOTD, too. The dress is cute!

French lover said...

Aww this is so cool, your brother in law is so thoughtful !!

I love your outfit, too, you look gorgeous :)

Juliana said...

LOVE your pictures and you look fabulous!

Amanda* said...

What a sweet gesture of Josh!

Norma said...

wow! those are a lot of wine glasses on the table! :) fun night

Anonymous said...

I just bought that same necklace from Target...cute! :)