Friday, May 7, 2010

Dissertation Day Celebrations

Wow…I knew I had awesome readers, but you all have been so sweet and thoughtful about Matt’s exciting dissertation defense this week.  I can’t thank you enough for all your kind words and well wishes.  Matt was equally impressed and grateful for all your support.  So seriously, thank you, thank you from my bottom of both of our hearts :)

After a morning filled with anxiety and nerves (oh yeah, and getting up at 6:00 am to make 40 little sandwiches and a complete spread for the defense), we breathed a huge sigh of relief around 3:30 when Matt got the official word he passed.  Our friends cheered, he smiled, I squealed then cried.  Lol, a perfect example that we all respond to joy differently.  Most of us had blocked off the entire afternoon for the defense, so we quickly dropped off our stuff and headed out for a few celebration drinks.  Quick disclaimer, I typically do not drink at 4:00 pm in the afternoon, but this was a special occasion :)

DSCN2321The soon to be Dr. Davis and me (though it won’t be too much longer till I’m Dr. Davis as well.  Weird!)

DSCN2324 THE celebration shot

DSCN2323 Some of our sweet friends who helped make the day so special for Matt.  I have to say, I knew our friends were great, but seeing how each of them made a point to really make the day memorable for Matt really made me grateful for them.  We are so blessed to have found good friends in this strange little town.

DSCN2325 What is a celebration without fried pickles?!  If you don’t live in Texas or have regular access to these, you are seriously missing out!  Though you probably don’t have to grease yourself into your jeans the next morning like I do :)

DSCN2327 Proud me…happy Matt lol :)

We had a celebration at our house later that night, and I wish I would have taken more pics, but I was wrapped up in the moment and enjoying Matt’s exciting day.  Another big congrats to Matt and another big hug to all of you for your sweet thoughts.  This is sort of “Matt’s week” as he is also celebrating his 27th birthday on Saturday.  And you know me…I love any reason to celebrate, so two in one week is quite fabulous in my book!

*Several of you have asked about how Matt and I met, and never one to leave you hanging, I’m working on a little post about that.  Perhaps with this week being “Matt’s week,” it’s a perfect time to dish :)

Happy Friday yall!


Debby Lee said...

Congrats to Matt! You are such an adorable couple. Have a great weekend. ~Debby xo

Mere said...

Wow!! Congrats! That is so awesome. What an accomplishment at 27! Def worth celebrating for sure!

Who's that Gamine? said...

congrats!! love your blog and posted a linky to it on my post today! i'm @!

have a wonderful weekend!

Get Your Martha On said...

Congrats, Matt!!

Completely off topic, but have you checked out the website Fashion Under 100? It breaks down a celebrity's look for less than $100.

(I think that's the URL)

Anyhow, I found it and thought of you! :)

A.Co said...

OMG WOW!! Congratulations to Matt (and fingers crossed for you!) - what an EXCITING time!!!!

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

amy kelinda said...

Congrats again to Matt! I'm super excited to hear about how you two met! I'm such a sucker for those types of stories, haha!

And woo hoo, TWO Dr. Davises? That's exciting! I bet you two will be the brainest married couple out there, teehe! And having celebratory drinks at 4 PM is totally acceptable when someone has just finished his dissertation!

TeachingInHeels said...

Congrats!!! How exciting!!

caknitter said...

Awe, the celebrations looked like fun. Congrats to Matt! What a extraordinary accomplishment for Matt and soon, you too??? Wow, you two are an amazing couple. :-)

Amanda said...

What a great way to help celebrate such an amazing accomplishment!