Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rebelling Against the Shoulds

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It's been a while since I've blogged.  Three weeks to be exact.  And while I thought about saying, "Things have been busy," I decided against it.  Because, in all honesty, they haven't been that much busier than normal.  Sure, work has been a bit hectic, we've been traveling, and I'm back to working at Ann Taylor for the holiday season, but things haven't been too crazy.  The truth is, in the past few weeks, I've adopted a new mentality.  I've decided to rebel against the "shoulds" lately, letting go of all the things I think I "should" do, instead focusing on the things I want to do.  Instead of thinking, "I should blog tonight," I've decided to enjoy my evenings at home with Matt.  Instead of thinking, "I should curl my hair," I've embraced messy hair on the weekends.  Instead of thinking, "I should do laundry," I've been fine to reach into the back of my closet for less worn items.

The "shoulds" often get us into trouble.  They cause us to give priority to things that society or someone else value, rather than the things we value.  The "shoulds" serve as that nagging voice, trying to make me feel guilty for what I'm not doing well, rather the things I am doing well.  The "shoulds" cause me to live in the future, rather than existing in the present.  The "shoulds" drain joy from the moment, sacrificing spontaneity.  So as we enter this holiday season, I'm choosing to rebel against the "shoulds," putting aside what others want from me and focusing on what makes me happy.

Do the "shoulds" get you into trouble?  If so, will you rebel with me and embrace the life you truly dream of?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Sweaters{via pinterest}

I don't know what it is about fall, but it makes me want to oversize just about every top I wear.  The bigger the better.  Oversized knits, men's flannels, button ups, and heavy sweaters.  I can't get enough.  I can't help myself.  It just lends itself to feeling oh-so-cozy.  Paired with leggings and boots, its a no fail fall outfit.  I think I may need an oversized intervention.

Am I the only one out there who can't get enough of all things oversized?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pictures of Pictures

IMG 1043

It's been a bit quiet around SASWS this week, though that certainly isn't a reflection of life being calm or slow-paced.  It's taken me some time to get in the swing of things after saying goodbye to my grandmother last weekend.  I want to sincerely thank all of you who emailed, Facebooked, commented, and texted regarding my grandmother's passing.  I have spent the last two weeks thinking of how I wanted to honor her amazing life on this  blog, and after spending quite a bit of time thinking about it, I've realized it's okay for me keep things simple.  My Grammy was an incredible woman.  She was thoughtful, passionate, and kind.  She was intelligent, driven, and a little bit sassy.  She said what she meant, and she had an incredible ability to remember life's littlest moments.  She graduated with a college degree in the 1940s, setting a wonderful example for so many women.  She waited for my granpa as he served in World War II, eventually marrying him and honeymooning in Chicago.  She raised three boys, had five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.  She was a big believer in snail mail and a passionate lover of purple.  She was an avid weather watcher and a collector of way too many things.  She played the piano and called me "Princess" in nearly every phone conversation.  She made happy birthday phone calls every year without fail and sent the most talked about camp care packages.  She was proud of me for being the first Ph.D in the family, constantly calling to ask about coursework and dissertation progress.  She loved my granpa with all her might, sharing 67 years of marriage with her longtime sweetheart.  She set a wonderful example of true and unfailing love, and she will be missed beyond belief.

As we gathered last weekend in Ohio, I was reminded just how many people knew and loved her.  It was so comforting to meet people in their small town, sharing their favorite stories of her.  The owner of the old-time five and dime, longtime friends of my dad and uncles, and friends of her and my granpa.  Even the news anchors recognized her passing on air.  At her funeral, we all wore purple as a way to pay tribute to her incredible life.  We cried and laughed, remembering special times and sharing treasured stories.  It was particularly fascinating to see pictures and hear stories from her younger days, a time when I of course did not know her.  In the last years of her life, when I became more aware of her age and health, I pushed myself to ask questions, hear stories, and soak up details about her and my granpa's early years together.  I'm particularly grateful for those memories now that she is gone.  She was a beautiful woman, inside and out, and I'm so grateful to be her granddaughter.  

Thank you again for your kind and thoughtful words of support; they mean so much to me and my family.  I couldn't help but share a few pictures of pictures, taken over the weekend in Ohio.  The first and last pictures might be my most favorite.  Have a wonderful week and hug those most dear to you.

Nov 2 2012

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