Friday, November 6, 2009

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It's heeeeere!  The fabulous Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started Wednesday, and I can't believe I wasn't paying better attention.  I almost missed it!  For those of you that don't know, the Anniversary Sale happens twice yearly, and it an awesome opportunity to get up close and personal with a dress, sweater, or pair of shoes that you've been eyeing for a couple of weeks.  The cool think about this sale is that Nordstrom feature's stuff from the current season.  That's right, they put stuff on sale that they just put out on the floor.  Of course there are some older things on sale as well (I saw the dress in bought in April for my bridal shower for 60% off, ugh, depressing), but some stuff that just came out for fall and winter is marked down as well.  After the sale, they go right back up to full price, which for me, makes thoughtful buying go right out the window :)

Usually, I am overwhelmed when they release the sale's wish list; it's usually full of special treasures and tops that I just can't live without.  But this year, I was a little overwhelmed, as there isn't anything I'm just dying to get.  However, there are a few things that caught my eye, that are definitely worth giving a chance.  Because we don't have a Nordstrom in the awesome, tiny, disconnected town I live in, I typically order everything I think I want, then try it on for fit once it arrives.  I'll usually send half or more back after trying it all on.  Stuff in the Anniversary Sale sells out fast, so I don't wait to try one on, then exchange, etc etc.  I just place one gigancitc order and get it over with, then I'll send back what doesn't work.  Much more effective if you ask me, but this year I should probably warn my husband before I do this, to ensure he doesn't have a mild freak out looking at our bank statement.

So even though nothing really blew me away at first glance this year, there are definitely some things that need further examination.  So check out what's catching my attention and head over to to check out the goodies for yourself.

Anna Sui Baroque Lilies Wool Blend Dress
I think this dress is precious and can easily make the transition to officewear with tights, a cardigan and a belt.  Fun and flirty, yet structured enough for me.  Cute, cute.

Bellatrix Rosette Trim Silk Top
I really really like this top and think it will be perfect for the office with a pencil skirt or great for date night with jeans.  It pulls pink in the picture, but is actually cream.  This one will probably be a keeper.

LA Made "Kalvin" Kimono Sleeve Knit Tunic
Ok, I know this looks a little plain, but with my recent attempt to reign in my spending, I've been purchasing versatile pieces and then using accessories to really jazz up my look.  The reason I love this sweater so much is that it is perfect for "fall/winter" in Texas.  We don't really have either of these seasons here, but at times, I feel ridiculous wearing a short sleeved top in middle of November.  I mean, that's not fall?!  I want to swear rich fall knits and and cozy coats.  But with this sweater's lightweight and short sleeved take, it might be the perfect answer for Texas fall.

Charles by Charles David "Pompadour" Pump
The perfect black pump, which I can never have enough of.  I currently have four pairs of black round toe heels in rotation, and I would love to have another.  Because I spend all days traipsing around campus, from my job, to class, to meetings, to teach, I probably walk two miles or so a day in my heels.  Therefore, I have to change them up for the comfort and sanity of my feet, but also for the sanity of my shoes.  I think this little guy will fit in nicely with the others.

  Kate Spade "Say Yes" Message Necklace
I have had my eye on this necklace for about a month; I love it!  It's totally dainty, yet the message is anything but.  Love love love this.

So those are the main things I'm excited to see in my mailbox, although while I'm ordering stuff, I might as well throw in a couple more things.  Why order twice right?   So if you've got some money to spend (or even if you don't) check out the sale and see what treasures await you!

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