Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday: My BFF Jordan

This Thankful Thursday I want to give a long overdue shout out to my best friend Jordan. Even though we live hours apart, she still manages to make a significant daily impact on my life. Jordan and I met in high school and bonded over drill team, rhinestones, and our tell it like it is attitude. Between practice, sleepover, Chick-fil-a runs, and officer camp, I spent more time with her than anyone else in high school. We were slightly attached at the hip. And though we went separate places in college, we always managed to somehow stay connected. She knows me so well and can usually know what I'm thinking and feeling before I say a word. She is the person I call when I think no one else will get it. I don't have to say anything; I don't have to explain myself, she just gets it. You know that friend that you swear you have ESP with? Mine is definitely Jordan; our brains often seem to be on the same channel. Sometimes I think our friendship is weird because as similar as we think and feel, we are very different in some respects, and yet, as adults, this has brought a totally different level of unique and cool to our relationship. I'm not sure if that's even possible to be super similar and different at the same time, but somehow we manage to be both. When I got married this past year, I was blown away by how much Jordan did to make the experience special for me. From the day Matt and I got engaged (which she drove 4 hours to the crappy town we live in to surprise me) from the minute we said "I do" she made it an experience to remember. And while she probably just thought she was making me feel special for the moment, she gave me amazing memories that I smile and think of often. (The picture above is us a few hours before my wedding, and it is one of my favorite pictures of all time. It’s on my dresser, and I look at it every single day. Love it.) Her rhinestoning ability is like no other, her candle addiction is like mine, and she shares the secret of the "gift closet" with me. She loves me unconditionally and is that encouraging voice that I seek so often. Though I often cringe at the thought of getting old, knowing we'll be doing it together and laughing at ourselves the whole journey makes me kind of excited for it. I have no doubt we'll be those crazy ladies vacationing at the resort in Mexico, sipping cocktails, laughing loudly, and chatting about how crazy life has been. I love her so much and am so so thankful for the twelve years of friendship that we have shared.

We've been BFFs since high school drill team days, but thankfully the sequins and cowboy boots are no longer with us :)

Brunching at Blue Mesa

Sharing a last minute hug before I walked down the aisle this past June.

After our high school talent show our senior year.

Mattitos and margaritas :)

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