Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Professional Hairbraider Wanted

Trends usually fade in and out, but one of trends that I've been happy to see linger around is braids.  While I give Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad and J.Simp (I love Jessica Simpson so much I refer to her as J.Simp.  We're BFFs; its fine) the credit for introducing this trend to Hollywood, lots of celebs and actresses have certainly followed suit and given this trend real staying power.  Of course, the braid trend has morphed a little bit going from side braid in a pony tail, to small braid up front with hair down, to full updos with braids, but if a trend is going to stay, I think a little morphing is to be expected.  I have loved the braid in each of it's stages.  The problem is, I have no idea how to braid, much less french braid.

My love/lust relationship with braids has an early history.  In elementary school, french braids were the cool things to wear.  Until third grade, I wore a uniform to school, and there wasn't really any way jazz up the forest green plaid.  (Sick, I know.  I had to wear it.)  So lots of girls would sport french braids or if they were really stylish, they'd wear "double french braids."  I longed to jazz up my forest green plaid, and being the fabulous mom that she was, my mom wanted to support this wish.  So my mom and I enrolled in a french braiding class at the local rec center.  Haha, rereading that last sentence I realize it sounds like I grew up in teeny tiny town America with a Piggly Wiggly, but I actually grew up in suburban Dallas, where apparently rec centers and french braiding are hip.  So my mom signed us up and away we went, full of enthusiasm and french braid dreams.  That lasted about ten minutes into the first lesson when my mom and I both realized french braiding was NOT her thing.  She tugged, pulled, and squeezed harder than I ever thought possible, and oblivious to her frustration and intense effort to make me happy, I whined the whole time (I hope my children aren't as whiny as I am was.)  We went to braid school another week or two, with little improvement and diminishing dreams of braids.  A few weeks into the class, my mom had to go on bed rest as she was pregnant and at risk with my little brother.  She said that my dad and I would continue the class, because she knew how much I wanted to have my hair braided.  I appreciated her thoughtful offer, but remembering the time my dad was in charge and sent to me dance pictures with no tights, I declined.  So we tucked away our braid book and the torture comb comb my mom used to separate my hair and called it a day.  (Please note though that my mom never lost sight of my braid dreams.  She took me to our hair stylist often so I could have my hair braided for a special day at school or the father daughter dance.  Seriously, what kind of mom drops money to have her daughter's braided for no major reason?  Only my awesomely thoughtful mom!)

Fast forward a few years to high school when I met my BFF Jordan.  She was silly, loving, fun to be with and...she could french braid.  Woo hoo, my prayers were answered!  I rocked the double french braids to drill team camps and school spirit days on and off for the next couple of years.  Then in college, the braid trend went away, as braids were still thought of as little girl or teeny bopper styles.  But then around 2007ish, the braids came back in style thanks to my girls mentioned above, and both me and Hollywood took notice.  Luckily, my sweet, awesome friend Tarah had quite polished braiding skills and indluged me often when I'd ask for a quick braid.  Sadly, Tarah graduated with her master's last year, and left me in this little town, with one less friend and no braids.  Tear.

Recently, I've been reminded about my braid lust as the braid has gotten a recent revamp in the updo form.  Not like "cheesey prom updo" but like chic, slightly flower child, and oh so office appropriate up do.  All the cool kids in Hollywood are rocking them and, to me, they give just the right amount of polish and individuality to any look.  So, with that said, I refuse to be left out of this adorably perfect trend and am looking for any french braiders/twisters/gurus in the area who wouldn't mind stopping by house every morning to help me polish off my office look.  Until I find someone, I will continue to look longingly at pics of J. Simp, Lauren Conrad, and Whitney Port, sigh...I heart you braids.

Oh so stylish Whitney Port lunching with friends and rocking the twisted braid.

Nicole Richie who consistently reinvents the wheel when it comes to effortless chic.

Lauren Conrad can do no wrong in my book.  LOVE her.

Tarah (my sweet friend who loves me enough to indulge my braid dreams) and I at brunch at Blue Mesa.  And yes, that little braid is courtesy of her :)


Patricia said...

That's funny! I wore a random braid in my hair today and KVel commented on it during my office hour. There are about a hundred youtube video tutorials about this, and I highly recommend trying them out. The only way you'll learn this is with lots of practice!

Also, strong arms would help too if your hair is as thick as my hair. I'm a wimp so they usually are a little crooked towards the ends when my arms fail me.

Carrie said...

My favorite is Sarah Michelle Gellar's hairstyle. Your hair looks super cute with the braid!

Kendall and Brooks said...

haha I was waiting for you to talk about Jordan doing your hair :) I love the little braid and can never pull it off myself. Brooks told me he can, bc he had to do it to his horses.....but I declined.