Monday, November 16, 2009

Bows, Bows, Bows

Lately, I have noticed bows everywhere: on headbands, jewelry, belts, skirts, dresses; they have literally taken over this season and I am loving it.  (Note, I am NOT loving the trend of college students wearing the same headbands we wore when we were seven.  I love bows, but not giant red grosgrain bows wrapped around a headband.  Ick.  Let's leave that in our childhood memories box.)  Anyway, I've had my eye on a couple of bow accessories, but with the holidays around the corner, I thought I should wait.  However, after my 10:00 am meeting this morning was canceled, I curled up in my robe (I have a weird work schedule) and decided to do a little online shopping for family Christmas presents.  We are celebrating Christmas over Thanksgiving with Matt's family, so all gifts have to be bought, ready, and wrapped by next Tuesday.  Yikes!  So I headed to the all inclusive Gap/Banana/OldNavy/ site in search of a little something for my niece.  (I still think its weird that when I got married, I got a niece and nephew overnight.  I realized I was becoming a wife, joining a new family, hyphenating my last name, etc., but I forgot that I was also becoming an aunt.  Then one day I called Matt's niece "his niece."  He was like, umm, she is your niece too.  Good point, but still weird to me.)

Anyway since this is my first Christmas as an "aunt," I can't disappoint in the gift department.  As I was searching for the perfect "cool aunt and uncle gift" for an almost tween girl, I found these delightful Marc by Marc Jacobs Metal Bow Stud earrings. (shown above)  LOVE.THEM.  They are the perfect combo of daring and dainty (I say that often because its totally the look I'm going for with accessories these days.)  I heart them so much.  So in addition, to getting a cool gift for my niece, I also got a little something for myself.  All the in the name of being a good aunt right? :)

Here are some of the other bow inspired pieces that I'm also currently loving.  All are available at Nordstrom.

Via Spiga Bow Belt

Betsey Johnson 'Metals' Bow Ring

Kate Spade 'Miriam' Dress

Cara Accessories Jeweled Skinny Headband


Taylor-made Wife said...

cute! I usually HATE bows, but I loved everything you posted! (Well not the headband, because I think I look rediculous in any sort of headband). Good luck finishing your Christmas shopping.

Alison said...

Cute! I love bows when they aren't over the top.

Norma said...

Can you be my aunt too?? ;)

Chelsea said...

Isn't it funny how we grow in and out of things? When I was younger (high school and junior high) I HATED anything with bows on it because it was too "frou frou". Now I absolutely love a chic bow! Great post!