Monday, November 2, 2009

I Heart OU

Norman, Oklahoma is one of the most magical places on Earth.  Home to The University of Oklahoma, it is the place I fell in the love.  Not with a guy, but with everything that OU offers.  I met some of the most incredible people in the world at OU and was encouraged to be the person I've always dreamed of being.  Although Norman was just home to me while I was in college, I literally feel like it is the place I grew up and got to know the person that I am.  So when my little brother talked about going to school at OU, I was just thrilled.  Although I truly want him to make his own decision and do what is best for him, the thought of him falling in love with OU is too much excitement to handle.  So this weekend, my family packed up our bags and headed North on I-35 for a weekend full of Sooner spirit and OU love.

Anyone who knows my family could guess that our first stop after arriving in Norman on Thursday evening was Hideaway Pizza.  Nestled in the middle of campus corner, this pizza place was a consistent favorite for my parents when I was at OU, so much so that my dad would have me pick up a pizza before heading home to Dallas when I went home to visit.  Yes, that's right, it would sit in my car for two and half hours before my dad got it.  I told you they liked this place.

Next stop, the Library, one of my absolute favorite places in Norman to be on a weeknight.  This place is tiny, dark, and usually has a bit of an older crowd, but I spent more weeknights here in college than I probably should have, either with one of my best friends Kristin or my BFF coworker Robbie.  Never in a million years though did I think I would be there with my little brother!  Unfortunately for him, he had to order a coke straight up :)

The next morning, we took the official OU campus tour, and I tried my best to keep my enthusiasm quiet.  I want Ryan to make his own decision...

Look what we found on the tour!  This plaque in the union is for all the students in the past who have received the Regent's Award for Outstanding Junior.  I didn't even know this plaque existed and I was super excited to find it and point out my name.  (I think there is a fine line is living in the past and reminiscing about the past, and I like to think I'm on the reminiscing side of that line...)

Friday night we headed to the homecoming pep rally so Ryan could get a feel for what life is like as a student at OU.  We had VIP seats (thank you Quy)!

Me and Quy, the provider of our fabulous VIP seats.  Quy and I worked together at Recruitment Services while we were students at OU and were also on homecoming court together.  He is now working for OU as CAC's main man, and of course, doing an incredible job.  You know those people who you know you miss, but you forget how much until you see them?  Definitely applies here as I forgot just how much I adore this guy :)

Of course, the night wasn't complete without a trip to Rusty's (for those non-Sooners, frozen custard heaven.)  I realize I am posing in front of a penguin and I am ok with that.

Saturday is gameday, which is Norman, is the best day.  Here me, my dad, and my brother pose on the South Oval on the way to the festivities.

We meet up with my BFF Jacque, who I had been counting down the days to see.  Beyond excited to see her!

After lunch at OConnell's, Matt and I head to tailgate with Jack and her family.  This was Matt's first OU gameday experience, and I was SO excited to share my OU obsession with him.  Not sure how crazy he thought we all were, but he kept it cool :)

Of course, we had to make a trip to the Kappa house.  No words needed to explain this picture :)

We meet up with my dad and Ryan at the homecoming parade.  You'd think they'd never eaten before the way they were flagging down the candy throwers in the parade :)  PS: I think Ryan looks right at home in his crimson, don't you?

Love this pic and this guy :)

Heading into the game, I run into Angie, who works at Recruitment Services.  She made work way more fun than it probably should have been in college, and I heart her more than she knows!

In the stadium and ready to cheer on the Sooners!


I think my brother is ridiculously cool.  Seriously.  Check out the glasses.  (And yes, I bought a pair and fully plan to rock them as a grown up!)

Me and my favorite guys :)

Hahahahha, this picture makes me ridiculously happy!  TOUCHDOWN!

Oh dear.  I think that looks like a pretty convinced potential Sooner :)

Last stop on the Norman trip...Classics.  Nothing beats a Diet Dr. Pepper with sour straws.  Don't knock it till you've tried it :)

Heading out the next morning, back to the real world, boooo.  But we had such a fabulous time; I could not have imagined a more fun filled weekend!  BOOMER SOONER!


Kendall and Brooks said...

Aww looks like yall had a lot of fun! And NOOOO pressure Ryan, right? lol :)

Paula said...

Looks like a great weekend :) I'll have to write a post some day about how my undergrad school (UC Santa Barbara) voted to kill our football team program. By my junior year, we no football at all. But we did have the beach :)