Saturday, November 7, 2009

Power to Polyvore

dress like lauren conrad......!!!!!!!!!!

I always love the style inspiration pages in Glamour, InStyle, Lucky, People Style, and every other magazine out there that I compulsively throw in my cart at the grocery store.  You know, the pages where they pick a trend or a celebrity and show similar outfits, pieces, and inspirations to whatever or whoever is being featured.  They're very focused and narrow which is helpful for a wanna be fashionista, but most of all they are inspiring.  They really do help me look at my closet with a closer eye, pairing things together that I might have not have initially thought, or realizing a particular piece I have could be worn a different way.  I usually rip the best of these pages out and put them on my inspiration board (which I have been meaning to blog about for a month.  Will post soon, I promise!)

Anyway, I have discovered an amazing new site, Polyvore that gives you the power to not only search through items, but also search through lookbooks created by other users.  Even cooler, it gives you the power to create your own looks.  The site is like an online lookbook and shopping mecca all in one.  It's awesome.

I started to fumble around the site, hoping to make my own lookbooks and then discovered there are a lot more people out there with a lot more time on their hands than me, that have perfected the art lookbook making.  (Polyvore calls them sets by the way, not lookbooks.  That's my own little term for them.)  Anyway, no need to reinevent the wheel if what I want is already there.  Plus I realize this could be come another distraction tool/obsession/time sucker, and I already have my fair share of those :)  So check out some of my recent celebrity style inspirations, and if you're looking to spice up your own style, head over to Polyvore and get inspired!