Monday, March 8, 2010

What a Lovely Little Weekend

Hello there dear friends.  I hope this post finds you at the end of a successful and not too crazy Monday, after a fun, restful, and/or memorable weekend.  Any of those three are good in my book!  My weekend was filled with lots of smiles as I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with several of my favorite people, and though I went to bed exhausted last night, it was definitely worth it!

DSCN1806-2 I spent Friday night on a dinner date with my best friend, Jordan.  I was literally looking forward to our date all week long, and we each joked that we hadn’t been this excited for a date with someone in years.  It ended up being more fun than either of us imagined, and I am more thankful for her friendship every time I see her.

DSCN1808 I bragged about Fireside Pies in my last post, and a few fellow Dallasites commented that you share my obsession.  If you’re not from Dallas, let me introduce you to this little bombshell.  It is their “Cheese Salad.”  Yes, you read that right.  Cheese salad.  It’s their most popular salad, and there are no words to describe its insane deliciousness.  I’m drooling as I type this.  Ugh, so good.

DSCN1814 After our cheese salad, giant wood fired pizza, and way too many glasses of sangria, we opted to end our date with this little guy.  It was worth every single calorie.

DSCN1822 The next day, I woke up with just a bit of a headache (oopsie on the sangria!) but I was really excited to help host one of my bff, Kendall’s, baby shower.  It was so good to see her, but so weird to see her with a baby inside of her!  I know this might sound super weird, but its kind of freaking me out that my friends are starting to have babies.  These aren’t shoes or puppies, these are BABIES people, real live babies!  I don’t know what it is, but it’s such a new phase of life and its crazy to see some of my friends who I grew up with entering the mommy phase.  (Does anyone know what I’m saying, or do I just sound like a complete loon?!)  However, my weirdness aside, if there is anyone who is going to be the best new mom ever, it’s Kendall.  For realz.  She seems so comfortable, so natural, and so ready to meet her new little man.  I know she is going to be an awesome mom (love you DJ), and I can’t wait to meet Mason!

DSCN1819 Adrienne and Kendall, mommy friends and bffs.  (Me, Jordan, Adge, and Kendall were semi-inseparable our senior year of high school.  I am so happy we’ve stayed so close; they make me smile like crazy.)

DSCN1830-1 PS: How annoying is it that Adrienne has a two year old and she looks so amazing?!  Seriously yall.  Insane.

DSCN1838 I hurried back home from Dallas late Saturday night to wake up at the crack of dawn to support our friend Natalia as she ran her first half marathon.  Norma and I rolled out with spirit, though our signs were ridiculously pathetic lol.  Please check out the runner that Matt drew in bottom left hand corner of Norma’s poster.  Such an artist :)

DSCN1841 After several false “Nati sightings,” (we swore every pink dot we saw coming down the hill was her) we finally spotted her running towards us.  We then proceeded to scream and cheer like crazy people.  Look how precious she is, and on mile 10 no less!

DSCN1850 We snapped this picture just after she crossed the finish line!  She was AMAZING and we are so proud of her.  I couldn’t get over the fact that she had just finished running 13.1 miles.  Seriously?!  Have any of yall ever run a half marathon?  How do you do it?!  I can’t even imagine!  We then headed back to Matt and I’s apartment for a yummy brunch in Nati’s honor.  And then, because I was so exhausted, just watching her run 13.1 miles, I took a Sunday afternoon nap.  All that cheering and jumping around just wore me out :)

82nd Annual Academy Awards Arrivals vtCpoStUHCal{zimbio} 

And like lots of bloggers out there, I spent last night cuddled up watching the Oscars and l-o-v-i-n-g both the show and the fashions!  Lots of good choices all around.  Because lots of bloggers have done thorough fashion recaps of the night, I’ll contain my love by showing two of my favorites of the night.  Miley Cyrus was precious and I loved the color, cut, and bling on her dress.  I also loved the not-so-perfect look of her hair.  Several ladies wore their hair wispy (JLo, Maggie, Miley, Zoe) and I think it’s a fresh look for spring that I’ll be attempting in some way, shape or form.

 maggie-gyllenhaal-2010-oscars-01 {just jared}

I also loved Maggie Gyllenhaal’s super pink lips.  I think she is stunning, and I will definitely be working the pinky pink lips this spring.  So what about you?  How was your weekend?  Was your weekend relaxing, fun, and/or memorable?  Are you weirded out (but in a good way) that your friends are having babies, did you wake up with a sangria headache, have you run a half marathon, did you love the Oscar fashions?  I can’t wait to hear!


Amber said...

aww cute post. and you are your friends are all so cute!! I wish I could pull off pink lipstick!!

Ashley Stone said...

cute pics!! And "Cheese salad!?" ....yes please!

French lover said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend :)
You look amazing in all the pictures !
And I agree with you, from what I can tell in the photos, Miley Cyrus's dress is really pretty.
I don't think the Oscars are broadcasted in France, so pictures have to do !

Jessica said...

What a fun weekend you had! I just love spending time with my girlfriends.

Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend you had! Love all the girl time and support you have for each other. So cool. Makes me miss all of my BFFs who are back home in FL.

kelly and lime said...

I just adore your blog. I ran the Dallas White Rock (half) Marathon last December and it was a blast!! I will tell you that when I saw friends on the road cheering it SOO helped keep the energy going, so kudos to you for that. Also, when my friend Rachel Robinson had her baby someone in our group was like, "Gosh, now we're pro-creating." What a weird but joyful experience!

emily said...

i think you won friend of the year award....dinner, baby shower, and marathon support all while possibly hungover!! haha good work! i ran a half last summer and i still wonder how i did it!! but i encourage you to try it-it may be the best, most accomplished feeling ever!!!!! sounds like a great weekend :)

Kendall and Brooks said...

Thanks for the bloggy love Allison! Can't wait to see the REST of the pictures you took, bc I know there has to be a ton :) xoxo! thanks for being such a constant part of my life :) love you!

Sarah said...

I just discovered your blog and I love it! You are totally not crazy about the baby thing! I feel the same way! It's weird when everybody around you starts having babies! Keep up the good blogging!

Pink Champagne said...

I'm attending the second baby shower for a friend next weekend, so I completely understand. I know that we are getting older and I myself am getting married, but there's something about the BABIES that feels strange (and exciting at the same time)!