Thursday, March 11, 2010

Laughter (and Giveaway Reminder)

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Hello from Philly!  Matt and I arrived in the City of Brotherly Love yesterday afternoon, and we’ve managed to do a few exciting things since we’ve been here, though most of today was spent at the conference.  Booooo.  However, this trip has reminded me how important it is find someone who makes you laugh, no matter how boring the presentation is, how long you’ve been walking in heels, and no matter how crazy the cab driver is.  Having someone to laugh with just makes life a heck of a lot more fun.  So no matter where you are tonight, grab, call, or sit with a friend who makes you laugh often, long, and loud.  It’ll make your day that much better :)

Also, just a reminder, tomorrow is the last day for the Kate Spade Giveaway.  If you haven’t entered, hurry and get your comment in by noon CT.  Every time I see my little pink gem peeking out of my purse, I can’t help but smile.  I’m so excited to see who wins the twin!


Nicole Marie said...

perfect quote! have fun!

Ashley Stone said...

love the quote!

Meg said...

fantastic quote - i have a few friends like that and i always feel so alive when we spend time together :)

Dad said...

love it.