Monday, March 29, 2010

Traveling Tidbits (and a Giveaway Hint!)

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Hello and happy Monday!  Today is a little less than happy for me, as I’m cooped up in bed with a sore throat and crazy case of the sniffles/coughs/aches.  Lovely, I know.  But, being cooped up has its benefits…hello blogland :) 

It feels like we’ve been traveling a ton lately, even before our world tour.  In recent months, I’ve learned a lot about traveling, and I thought I’d share some of my traveling tidbits with my delightful readers…

The airlines picked up on what my dad wishes he would have picked up on years ago.  If you charge me for bags, I’ll pack lighter.  Pretty sure my dad’s back would have been saved if he would have known that.  I’ve always been a complicated traveler, even when the clothes in my suitcase were from Limited Too.

Don’t ever go on a vacation, roadtrip, or overnight get away without your cozy robe.  It’s the easiest way to feel at home when everything around is nothing like home.

The only thing I dread more than a pop quiz in my Structural Equation Modeling class (yeah, I’m in a class with that name, and yeah, its as awful as it sounds) is the moment on a flight when the dude in front me decides to lean his chair back.  I mean, airline legroom is limited in general, but for a long legged 5’10’’ sista, it’s unbearable.  But no worries dude in front of me, I love holding my magazine two inches from my face and balancing my airplane sized mini coke in my lap. 

A king sized bed with seven fluffy pillows is the best sight in the world after a day full of traveling.  For realz.

I am weirdly obsessed with Hudson News (you know, the airport news/magazine store.)  Something about all those new, shiny magazines lining the walls with candy stacked high up the adjacent wall is absolutely thrilling for me.  I literally stop at every airport and every layover to buy a magazine (or two or three) and some Twizzlers.  I might have a problem, I realize this.

Uggs and snow do not mix. Period.  (Oh how I’m going to struggle in Chicago.)

A poor doctoral student’s dream phrase to hear while waiting for her flight is “Ladies and gentlemen, this flight is overbooked.  We are currently looking for volunteers to get off for a travel voucher with our airline.”  Matt and I heard that phrase before our flight to Chicago, and while all the “real” grown ups with money stayed glued to their seats, looking around thinking, “Oh hell no, I’m not getting off this flight,” I was sprinting to the counter to be the first volunteer.  And the payoff was totally worth it.  For delaying our trip an hour and a half, Matt and I each got $400 in Delta money, as well as breakfast and lunch meal vouchers.  400 dollars?!  Do you know all the places I could fly with that extra money?!  Before our flight even took off, I had already planned a trip with Matt to Napa, Disneyworld, and New York.  Now I just have to choose :)  So the next time they offer a voucher to give up your seat, I’d act fast, or I might beat you to the ticket counter :)

After you offer to give up your seat for your $400, and the gate agent tells you she made a mistake and she can’t get you out for seven more hours, simply and firmly ask to speak to her supervisor.  The problem will be fixed and you’ll have an earlier flight within ten minutes.  (Weird how that happens…)

The roll method of packing really does work.  I swear by it now.  I can fit at least twice at much crap much needed stuff into my suitcase with the roll and stuff method.

Take a fair amount of jewelry on your trips.  Jewelry is relatively small yet can transform the look of any outfit, so pack good jewelry options, and give yourself double the travel wardrobe!

So what travel travel tips have you picked up over the years?  Do share because I’ve got four hundred Delta dollars to spend, and I plan to spend it as a smart and stylish traveler!  Annnnnd….get excited because later this week I’m posting a fun giveaway (woo hoo!) that has to do with one of the travel tidbits I talked about here.  (I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with the last tip.)  Hooray for giveaways, and hooray for sharing your travel tips with me!


Mrs. B said...

Unfortunately, I don't have any travel tips for you...I'm a horrible traveler! lol And, I literally pack EVERYTHING in my closet. Not so smart. But, I just wanted to say that I also have a fascination with Hudson News. ha! I buy a magazine (or 4) at every airport I'm in. And, I'm so jealous over your $400 voucher...that's awesome! I'm totally stealing this idea if I get the chance the next time I fly. :)

Christina said...

I like to bring a "uniform" especially if it is a weekend excursion and I don't want to check a bag. It consists of maybe three or four different pieces of outfits that can all be combined in different ways. It may consist of a blazer and jeans with several top options or a blazer with jeans and a dress so it can be worn over both. And I try to limit the amount of shoes I bring to the ones I wear to the airport and something a little fancier.

Lindsay said...

While Uggs and snow do not mix, can CAN coexist. Just invest in some waterproof spray and you are good to go! That's what I always do with any boots or shoes that I want to be able to wear throughout the winter.. it doesn't mean you can walk through a puddle that's 3 feet deep but it makes them ok in the wet and muck.

emily said...

haha i LOVE particular being a tall girl and having the people in front of you lean their chair back!! it is THE worst!! ... and when i stayed at the sheraton in florida for a night over break they had the most COMFORTBALE pillows (like 10/person) and beds....what a treat!! love the tips! have a great week, feel better!

emily said...

haha i LOVE particular being a tall girl and having the people in front of you lean their chair back!! it is THE worst!! ... and when i stayed at the sheraton in florida for a night over break they had the most COMFORTBALE pillows (like 10/person) and beds....what a treat!! love the tips! have a great week, feel better!

emily said...

i love this!!! especially about being a tall girl and having someone in front of you lean their chair back....THE WORST!!! and i recently stayed at the sheraton in florida on break for a night and they had the most COMFORTABLE pillows (like 10/person) on the beds and ohh what a difference it makes!!!! :) have a great week, feel better!!

Tamara Nicole said...

Oooh can't wait for the giveaway!

And a new follower: fab blog:-)

Sooo travel tips: my hubby and i have traveled through Europe a few times, adn all I have to say is get a garmin!!! He programs it with all the spots we want to see and it leads us to all of the sites without getting lost, having to ask directions, or wasting any time at all. LOVE it! Also before you go anywhere study up, get books on the place, etc. Saves sooo much time!

Ashley Stone said...

sorry you're sick, hope you're feeling better soon! I always spring for the vouchers with the overbooked flights too!!! Why not!?

Noel said...

My must haves are tampons (like, I pack a RIDICULOUS amount of extras), chapstick, detangler, and snacks. I pack snacks like I'm going to get stranded for a week and will have to feed the entire plane...It seems like you never have time to get food you need when you're running from plane to plane or hotel to appointment or whatever. And if you go to Europe, definitely get a phone with internet access, a camera, and a map feature. Well, just in general...My fiance has the Blackberry Storm and as much as I hate the screen, it has saved us sooo many times.

Kinsey Michaels said...

I LOVE to travel so I absolutely enjoyed reading this post and found myself nodding in agreement at more than one of the things you mentioned! :) I have never given up my seat on a flight, but I could have more than once. You got rewarded so well from Delta! I love those Hudson News places too. I have the tendency to grab an armful of magazines (3 or 4) because I can never decide what to get :)

ACDC2005 said...

Wow I just saw your blog recently and it's funny I started writing a post with traveling tips before I went on vacation and then posted it finally when I got back, right after you did yours! Haha! That's rad.