Friday, March 5, 2010

Hooray for Friday and a Jam Packed Weekend!

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Happy Friday (and welcome to all of my new followers who have recently found me as a result of the Kate Spade giveaway!)  I know lots of us are excited for today, because…it’s Friday, a woo hoo!  But I must say that I have not been this excited for a Friday in a long, long time.  My weekend is jam packed with fun stuff, and I can’t wait!

Tomorrow, as soon as I get out of a 12:00 meeting, I am headed to Dallas for a dinner date night with my best friend Jordan at Fireside Pies.  (If you live in the Dallas area and haven’t been to this delightful little spot, you are missing out.  It is SO good!  Giant pizzas, giant unhealthy salads, and pitchers of sangria, what’s not to love?)  We’ve decided to be eighty-three year old women and go to dinner at 6:00 lol.  Since we never see each other, we’re just not in the mood to spend an hour and a half waiting at crowded bar for our table, so we’re being proactive and eating an early dinner.  Then…we are heading back to JJ’s to work on starting her very own blog, a woo hoo!  I’m beyond excited to have my bff join blogland.  Then Saturday, along with a few of my friends, I am helping to host one of my dear friends Kendall’s baby shower.  I can’t believe that she is going to be a MOM.  Totally weird and exciting at the same time.  Then (hopefully after a little shopping), I’m heading back home to cheer on one of our sweet friends Natalia who is running first half marathon early Sunday morning.  A half marathon, I mean seriously?!  You go Nati!  We have a few tricks up our sleeve for the race and then we’re coming back to Matt and I’s place for a celebratory brunch. 

Typically, I like to use my weekends to relax and recharge, but this weekend I’m looking forward a lot of girl time, laughter, and some much needed FUN.  If you’re gonna have a non-restful weekend, this is certainly the best way to do it! 

So what about you, what are you up to this weekend?


Pink Champagne said...

Sounds so fun! One of my old college roommate's baby shower is coming up soon too - crazy! Such a strange feeling to see all of my friends getting married and having babies - before we know it we will be 83 year old ladies doing dinner. Enjoy the weekend!

ashpash said...

i just came across our blog...i live in the dalla area and LOVE fireside pies! such a great place!