Friday, October 16, 2009

OMG, I Won Something?!

I don't have good luck.  Okay, I don't have horrible luck, but I don't have particulary serendipitous luck either.  I have always been that person who enters contests, drawings, raffles, etc. and then looks on disappointingly as the person two numbers next to me or two rows in front of me wins.  I cheer because its polite, but then think, next time Allison, you'll get 'em next time.  Well guess what people?  I finally got 'em; I finally won a contest!

Remember a few days ago when I blogged about those fabulous, whimsical designs from Lisa Leonard designs.  The reason I knew about them was because Carrie from Buzzings of a Queen Bee raved about them in her blog.  But Carrie didn't stop the love there.  She offered a chance to win one of Lisa Leonard's monogrammed key chains or delightlful pair of mint green and silver drop earrings.  All you had to do was leave a comment.  Umm, how easy is that?  So I left a quick comment, something to the effect of "love love love both, and in addition, i also love love love your blog! :)"  Simple and straightforward right?  Well guess what people?  Out of 212 people who left comments, I was 1 of 2 winners!  Woo hoo!  Two points for me!  Touchdown!  I mean seriously, can you sense my excitement?  So check out the fabulous new earrings I will soon be rocking!  (I loved the keychain as well, but with my new, complicated, hyphenated last name, I haven't quite mastered the monogram.)  So I guess my unlucky streak is over.  Orrrr maybe I've just used up all my luck for the next ten years.  Either way, no complaining here; I'll take it!

Thanks again to both Carrie and Lisa!  I can't wait to show off my new earrings!


Kendall and Brooks said...

I have been blogging for over a year and NEVER won anything!!!! Must be beginners luck :)jk

Stephanie said...

Lisa Leonard and her family are going to have a new reality show. Here's a preview -

I first heard about her company here so thought I'd come back and share!