Saturday, October 10, 2009

Coffee Shop Curiosity

Recently I've been spending most of my Saturdays and Sundays at a local coffee shop.  So today, I arrived with a bag full of work, articles, readings, and paperwork that needs to get done.  After scouring the shop for sweet spot to work, I get my coffee, set up shop, and select my Pandora station for the day.  Of course, before I can start working, I have to check my email, Facebook, and comment a few of my friends blogs.  Then, after returning a couple of texts and checking my email one more time, I'm finally ready to get to work.

But about five minutes into my incredibly not-so-stimulating reading, I find myself staring off into space, wondering about a million others things that have nothing to do with what I'm reading.  I'm distracted by the others coffee shop dwellers, curious about what they're doing there, what they're working on, and who they're with.  I find myself looking at the couple on the couch, wondering about their relationship status.  She looks giddy, he looks interested, yet they both nervously text when the conversation dies down.  Yes, definitely a new relationship.  I look at the girl reading at the table next to me.  Why are her shoes off?  While I appreciate the comfy, homey atmosphere of the coffee shop, I do not appreciate her barefeet or chipping pedicure.  The girls at the back corner table make me smile as they remind me of my friends Kristin and Anna.  Something about their conversation, they smiles, and their interest in one another make me miss my friends.  I wonder how they're doing and when we'll be able to get together again, sigh...  I glance back to my laptop.  Dang, I've been here for an hour already.  I should probably get to work.  As I start to open my book, I am distracted by the girls at the couches behind me.  They're playing Apples to Apples.  Seriously?  This is a coffee shop, not a game room!  I wonder why they aren't playing at their apartment or something.  Maybe they live in a crappy dorm, maybe they're in a fight with their roommate, or maybe they're here to make my life miserable.  Hmm, interesting.  And what is up with that girl's neon headband and side pony tail?  I get the look she was going for, but she missed.  Ohhh, good song on Pandora, I minimize my online class website to "like" the song.  I suddenly wish that Pandora has a "I really really like this song" button.  Hmm, wonder why they don't?  I look back at the clock.  Oh dear, really Allison?  You've been here this long and have read one paragraph?

I give up hope of getting any work done and pack up my things.  I know I should be more focused, but I can't help it; coffee shops are so distracting!  They're prime people watching spots, which for me, bring lots of distraction and curiosity.  As I head out of the coffee shop, I notice a cute laptop bag on the girl at the counter.  Ooooh, I wonder where she got that? :)

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