Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Make Your Mani Last

About a month ago, I made a resolution to focus on having manicured nails at all times.  Rereading that last statement, I realize it sounds like I have no life, but I swear I do (and I swear there is a point to this resolution!)  Your hands and nails are something that almost everyone sees and something you also spend a great deal of time staring at.  Whether your shaking hands, reviewing a paper with a student, or sitting in a meeting, people can see your nails.  Whether your texting, typing, or tweeting, you've got a close up view of your nails.  Lately, I've realized that having neatly manicured nails is one of the easiest and most effective ways to look put together and polished (no pun intended.)

However, after getting married, I've had to slightly reduce my "self management" budget (highlights, haircut, nails, facials, massage, clothes, makeup, etc.)  It's a little difficult to explain the reasoning behind a triple digit dollar hair appointment to my husband who gets his hair cut at Great Clips.  (I tried once to convince him to go to someone at a salon, which prompted him to say, "Well if I spend more money on a haircut, we'll have to take some money out of your hair budget to pay for it."  I quickly shut up and dropped the Great Clips issue.)  Anyway...with this reduced budget, I've been forced to be a little creative in making my luxories last.  More low lights, less highlights, digger deeper into my extensive MAC collection, shopping sales, shopping less, keeping with my classic perfumes instead of venturing out and trying two new ones at a time, you know, things that "responsible grown ups" do.  (Ugggh, I loathe all three of those words.)

So...combine my budget reduction with my manicure resolution and I'm in a tight spot, right?  Wrong!  I have found a way to stretch my manicures that is easier than easy.  About four days after my manicure, a day before the chipping would normally begin, I apply two coats of topcoat to my four day old manicure.  MAGICAL. Seriously, like Hogwart's level magical.  That top coat keeps my mani looking nice and fresh for another three days and then at that point, I'll add another top coat or two if I want to stretch it longer.  So while my manicure once lasted five days or so, I'm now stretching it double the time.  That's right people, just call me thrifty!  (Ok, thrifty might be a stretch for someone who gets multiple manicures in a month, but c'mon, it's a start.)  So cheers to my manicure maintaince and my reduced budget.  Who knew those two could be such good friends?


Stuck in the Sticks said...

Definitely a good tip - especially with winter's uber-cark colors, they show chips so easily!

Patricia said...

Thanks for the tip!
I'm actually wearing nailpolish this week. Shocking, I know. : ]

Paula said...

Tonight as I was driving home, I was thinking that I needed to take care of my nails better and found myself reflecting on how most of the ladies in my new office seem to have shorter, rounded manicures. I've always been a medium length, square-ish fingernail shape kind of girl.

Kristin said...

Girl- I COMPLTELY understand your frusteration with the reduced "self management" budget since getting married. I don't think husbands understand the importance of a good (aka expensive) haircut and regular pedicures! Story of my life! :)

Kendall and Brooks said...

There is something a bit contridctory about you describing your long lasting manicure as "Hogwarts magical".....I'm just sayin' :)

jk - love ya!

Krysti said...

so i've been putting off a mani because i know i would need to re-do it after about a week, and i'm trying to budget.... BUT, this tip totally makes me want to go get one this weekend!! Allison, "God paired us together for a reason" :)