Monday, October 26, 2009

Blush Crush

A few months ago, I was watching reruns of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, checking in on their love lives, celebrity woes, but most of all, on their style.  I think all three girls have a very cool, effortless yet chic every day style about them, and I wouldn't mind injecting a little of it into my own life.  As I watched, I noticed an extra glow about the girls, an extra little oompf to their look.  This was before Kourtney was pregnant so it wasn't the "pregancy glow" or whatever "glow" people say you have when you're pregnant.  (I honestly think that is a slight lie people tell to make you feel better about your giant stomach but that's just my opinion.  My.opinion.people.don' they zoomed in on Kim, I found the source of the mysterious glow.  Blush!  And lots of it.  Although I debated for a few minutes whether it was delightfully diva or simply disastrous, I ended up settling on diva.  I loved it!  Something about it was just, I don't know...It was like an extra ounce of girliness that I found to be quite fabulous.

So for the past month or so, I've been going a little heavy on the blush, hoping to boost my glow and give me that extra oompf.  And I have to say, I really like it!  I'm not sure if other people notice or even like it, but it really does make me feel lighter and brighter.  I just feel a little prettier walking out of the house now.  Of course, my mom turned her nose up at the blush last time I went home, saying "You have too much blush on," but this is coming from a women who thinks lip gloss and mascara is big time (My mom is fabulous, but to say her makeup routine is minimal is an understatement.) 

Now, I realize that this technique can easily go awry (think bad ballerina or crazy clown) so I've included a simple version of my morning routine.  The key for me is using 2 different blush colors.  The first color is just a great go-to blush, one that gives you great all over glow and color in any season (my choice is MAC Sunbasque.)  Using a blush brush (don't even think about using those tiny ones that come with some blush compacts, eww), sweep the blush horizontally from the inside of your cheek (closest to your nose) to your earlobe.  After a couple sweeps, take this same motion at a 45 degree angle, going from the inside of your cheek to your temple.  That is where most people would stop.  But not me (or the Kardashians.)  I follow up with a second, bolder color.  I love a pink pink pink color (my go to is MAC Coygirl or NARS Angelika.)  First smile, then gently touch the blush brush to just the apples of your cheek.  This sweet spot of color will make it look like you just stepped in from a fresh, chilly, outside morning.  The overall look is happy, glam, and extra chic.

So, those of you wanting a little something extra to your look, a little oompf, I encourage you to grab your blush brush and show your cheeks some love.


Mrs. Lovers Knot said...

That blush you have pictured is cute! What I find that works best for me is bronzer to contour the cheek and then blush just on the apples. And I agree those little itty bitty brushes that come with palettes don't work what so ever!

Krysti said...

i totally use two types of blush (well one is more of a bronzer) but i combine the two colors(They're in the same compact) and apply on the apples of my cheeks and back towards my temples.. then a little bit on the actual temple, nose, and chin (Sounds weird, but it blends well and it doesn't look like i'm wearing too much blush)

Jacci said...

Okay, I think you're on to something. I totally skimp out on the blush most days. I was looking at pictures of myself and thought I looked SO WASHED OUT! Maybe that's exactly what I need.