Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday: My "Little" Brother

As always, Thursday is the day where I give great thanks for someone in my life.  This Thursday, and every single day of the year, I am beyond thankful for my little brother Ryan.  He is the absolute light of my life and has been the best thing in my life since July 1, 1992.  I remember peering into his incubator that day at at the hospital and thinking "whooooa, that little guy is cool."  Seventeen years later I still think the same thing when I look at him.  Ryan is one of the most incredible people I have ever met, and he has brought more joy into my life that I ever thought possible .  He is hilarious yet sincere, mature yet lighthearted, smart and ridiculously witty.  Ryan is one of my best friends on this planet; I cannot imagine a cooler kid on this earth.  So today, and always, I am beyond thankful for such an awesome little brother and best friend.

Ryan and I in Positano, Italy.

Ryan and I outside the Tower of London in August 2007

Lunch at Texas Roadhouse

Breaking it down on the dancefloor at Matt and I's wedding this past summer

Waiting in Rome to catch the train to Naples


Patricia said...

: ] I too love my (twin) brother. I think of him as a soul mate I didn't have to find because he just showed up same time as me. Also, that wedding picture is priceless.

Patricia said...

And I just realized that I may have used soul mates out of context. When I use that word I mean we're like two halves of the same person. I'm the evil half.