Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday: My Favorite Furry Friend

As promised, every Thursday I'm going to blog about someone that I am particularly thankful for this week.  And even though it's only the second week, I'm already stretching the theme so it can include my favorite four legged friend, Toby Tyler. 

I've always thought "dog people" were kind of strange. I'm not talking about dog lovers, I'm talking about crazy, obsessed, have no life, dog people.  Don't lie, you know the people I'm talking about; the people whose dogs are their whole life, they don't ever go on vacation because they can't bear to leave their dog with a nice neighbor.  Or the people who cancel dinner plans because their dog barked like she had a cold or possible sore throat. I mean, I adore my dog and am all for puppy cuddles and snuggles, but some people get a little out of control.

But the past couple of weeks, I've started to understand these dog people a little bit more.  (Emphasis on a little bit more).  There really is something comforting about pets and the type of love they give us.  The past few weeks I've visited home a little more often than normal.  And each time I visit, Toby runs out the door to greet me and follows me around the house, his nails clicking on the tile as he goes.  He can always sense my mood and is so happy to give me attention. He doesn't give complicated advice or tell me what I should, he just jumps up on the couch to lay his head on my lap.  He just loves me.

Toby is visiting me this weekend as my parents are heading to Dallas for the weekend, and I've surprised myself how much I've been looking forward to his visit.  I'm excited for him to greet me when I get home and to curl up on the couch with me as we catch up on my DVRed So You Think You Can Dance.  So while I'm certainly not cancelling my weekend plans or planning to perch him in my bag as I run errands, I truly am excited and thankful that I get to hang out with the little guy this weekend.  So while I hope all this excitement doesn't classify me as a converted "dog person," I do hope it means Toby can somehow tell how thankful I am for him.

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