Saturday, October 3, 2009

Treasure Hunting in a Recession

Ok, I've never actually admitted this to the masses before, but today, I'm feeling called to do so. Brace yourself, here I go: I am a lover of garage sales. There, I said it. Four years ago, the thought of going to a garage sale kind of creeped me out; something about rooting through other people's things just seemed kind of...odd I guess. But three years ago, my attitudes totally changed, as I found myself ready to move into my first "grown up" apartment. No Kappa house, no college roommates to split house furnishing responsibilities, just me and my things. Problem was, I didn't really have a lot of things.

So, after graduation, I moved home to Houston with my parents for two months before I began graduate school. That summer, my mom and I gave garage sales a try. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning, we'd wake up at the crack of dawn and hit the streets to see what we could find. It wasn't long before we realized, omg, people are selling stuff we need, want and love! Sure, they are tired of their kitchen table, but its perfect for me. Sure, people no longer want those dishes/frames/lamps/shelves etc., but I do! My mom and I got hooked pretty quickly, and we began to call our early morning trips "treasure hunting," and we soon expanded to thrift stores, antique sales, and flea markets. (Note: I have my limits, as I don't do clothes or shoes during these treasure hunting trips, I'm not that adventurous, and don't really want to be). Never quite knowing what to expect when you pulled out of the garage that morning made the finds even more thrilled. So without fail, I furnished my ENTIRE first grown up apartment (excluding my bed, couch and linens) with all garage sale/flea market/thrift store finds. For those of you still doubting how cute this could possibly be pulled off, please see the pic below of my Shabby Chic grown up apartment (pre-Matt).

Sooo, after 2 years of being on two different continents, my mom and I resumed our treasure hunting this morning, and let me assure you, after our first big find, I had my groove back and was looking for my next big fix. I forgot how much the treasure hunt got me going! And in this economy, who can afford to snub their nose at saving money? Still not certain treasure hunting is for you, check out my mom and I's loot from this morning's hunt:
  • Hanging wall mirror $1
  • Leopard lamp and shade $1
  • Smaller lamp with white shade $2
  • 2 fall glass votive holders $1
  • Baking cookbook $1
  • 2 vintage necklaces $5
  • Christmas wine charms $0.50
  • Honeysuckle candle (new of course) $1
  • Cinnamon spice candle (new) $0.50
  • 2 red glitter Christmas candles $2
  • Wooden 10 votive candle holder $8 (my mom and I saw this at a flea market for $50)
  • Wire basket $0.25
  • Stationary set $0.25
  • Fall candle wreaths (3) $1
  • Christmas ornaments (box of 18) $0.50
  • Cinnamon votives $0.10
  • Vanilla votives $0.25
  • OU Sooner platter $10 (at Tuesday morning)
So, all these garage sale treasures for a grand total of...$25.35 ($35.35 if you count the platter). I mean, how can you beat that?! So for all those having to cut back these days, I dare you to try treasure hunting. You won't be disappointed.

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I have that same platter from Tuesday Morning! (But Texas Tech :)