Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winter Wardrobe Gone Blah

Note to self: when you are trying to buckle down on your finances and cut back on “extras,” looking at Anthropologie’s newest sale items is NOT a good idea.  Especially when I am trying hard to stick to my new year’s non-resolution of “using what I have.”  (Read that original post here.)  I’m always a sucker for Anthropologie, but something about this time of year makes it even more lust worthy.  Winter is still around, but with spring just around the corner, lighter knits, delicate necklines, and sweet pea details seem to make winter wear more inviting.  See what I’m loving right now, and if you’re like me and in need of a vacay from your winter wardrobe, browse for yourself and let me know what you find!

910273_012_bDouble Twist Sweater.  You already how i feel about winter white (loooove it) and the detailing of the knit adds an extra sense of luxury.  Plus the twist in the front is so different from anything else in my closet.  Oh, and the short sleeves?  Perfect for Texas “winter.”

913363_004_b Puckered & Pleated Cardigan.  I have had my eye on this sweater FOR-EV-ER (Sandlot anyone?)  I think it is divine and after my Chicago trip/reinspiration of the skinny jean and boot look, this would be a perfect mate for the combo.  Sizes are limited online, so I’d have to call the store for my size, but this little lovely is totally worth it.  PS: this sweater was originally $128, and it is now marked down to $29.  Steal!

913831_041_b Palesa Blouse.  Love the contrast of the casual fit and the embellished neckline.  This is perfect for dinner and drinks with friends, and the fit is especially forgiving should you desire that extra margarita or chips and queso.  Is is sad that I thought about that?  (Perhaps that explains my unintentional jeggings problem.  Sheesh.)

910953_011_b Bias Ruffles Racerback.  I wear cardigans all the time and am always looking for great layering pieces to pair with my ridiculous collection of these sweet sweaters.  This top is perfect for layering and has the feminine detailing that I swoon over. It also comes in black and blue, and the blue would be super cute for spring.  Ugh, decisions, decisions.

923317_049_b Whizbang Mini.  I freaking love this skirt!  I can already picture it with black tights, a black top/sweater of some sort, and a fabulously oversized black scarf.  Boots or heels would work.  Love it.  Want it.

944482_001_b Coin of the Realm Necklace.  My love for Anthro’s statement necklaces isn’t a secret, and I toyed with buying this at full price, but thankfully I waited.  I already have this one though, are they too much of the same thing?  (I’m thinking since one is white and one is black they are completely different.  Completely different, right?!)


Straight Story Boots.  Maybe I’m taking my boot love to the extreme (especially since we live in Texas) but I feel like the cold cities have all the fashion fun when it comes to boots.  I’m tired of being left out, and ff we end up coming to Chicago, I am DEFINITELY getting these sweeties.

So what about you?  Did you see anything you liked?  What do you do to your wardrobe to carry you from January to April?


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I should not have opened this post either!!! DOH!!
Love the twisty sweater and ruffled tank especially. So cute.

Kendall and Brooks said...

ooh that double twist sweater is FABulous......

prettyface said...

Ohhh yes girl- I found tons of stuff I liked, but lucky for my wallet only two items in my bag and/or wishlist were on sale, so I bought them. I blogged about it a few days ago....or yesterday. Whatever!

I too love the ruffled tank and want the blue one!

I just really keep hoping the Fair Cake Dress and Longing For Yellow Dress go on sale sooner than I think. ;-)

Bring that I'm from Southern Alabama, it's starting to warm up NOW. Highs on Friday will be 60 freaking 9! Ugh. Our spring is like a cool summer, if you will.

Juliana said...

I want them ALL--you have amazing taste in clothing!

Amber said...

I love that first sweater!!