Tuesday, January 5, 2010

4 Degree Dilemma

Tomorrow morning Matt and I are flying to Albuquerque and then two days after, we are flying to Chicago.  Both of these trips are for interviews for Matt’s internship which will begin sometime late this July.  He is interviewing at several different places and while I’m experiencing a great deal of anxiety not knowing where we’ll end up (or how in the world we’re paying for all these interviews), I’m even more anxious about a tiny, little fact I found out today. 

According to weather.com, the current windchill in Chicago is 4 degrees. 

4 DEGREES PEOPLE.  What the heck does one even wear in 4 degree weather?!

I emailed my friend Christie who we’ll be staying with in Chicago to inquire about my wardrobe for the trip.  Since I was born and raised in Texas, I own nothing that would protect me from frostbite.  Nothing that would even come close.  Her reply?  “Layers, my friend. Long underwear, multiple pairs of socks and boots.”  So by “layers” does she mean a cute black tank under a v-neck sweater?  By “long underwear” does she mean boyshorts (those are the longest underwear I own), and do grey short Uggs c0unt as “boots?”  I think I’m in serious trouble here.  My “heavy” sweaters are long tissue cardigans from Banana and Anthropologie, and the closest thing I have to long underwear (besides my boyshorts) are cute black leggings.  I own two pairs of gloves, and I can only find one glove from each pair.  Oh.my.gosh.help.me.please.

I have a couple of hours to get these so called “winter-must-haves” bought, packed, and on the airplane.  (I used to think winter-must-haves were a north face fleece and a pashmina.  Clearly, I was confused.)  And while I understand the symptoms of frostbite are intensely painful, I reeeeeally want to try to maintain some level of chicness in my layers as opposed to looking like an overstuffed marshmallow puff.  So, I searched out some pictures of favorite cold weather city girl, Whitney Port, for some inspiration.  If she can look this chic bundled and braving the cold, perhaps I can too.  So here are the key pieces I’m keeping in mind to survive my weekend trip to the Frozen Tundra.

90212P4 A gigantic, humongously oversized scarf.  As you all know, I die for winter white, so I heart heart heart this look.

whitney top shot Tights and boots.  I’ve got the tights trend down pat, but I’ll have to work on the boots and tights combo.  (Repeat, must work on the boots and tights combo…must work on the boots and tights combo…)

b12ceb77d498423c_whitney-port Jackets/blazers.  Ok, I could never (I repeat, NEVER) get away with leggings and that short of a top (my legs are not nearly that skinny), but this cream and black plaid jacket just makes me smile.  I’m pretty sure having that Chanel bag on my arm would warm my heart as well :)

91026M2_PORT_B-GR_04-w500 Giant black sunglasses.  These will help keep my eyes warm don’t you think?  :)

Even with all this winter Whitney inspiration, I’m pretty certain I’m still going to end up overbundled, puffy, and looking like this the whole weekend…1 Awesome.  So if you hear on the news that they found a frozen marshmallow woman in Millennium Park, know that it’s me, and I might be out of the blog scene for a week or two until I defrost :)  So if you have a second this week, send your warm wishes my way!


Norma said...

I heart your blog. Stay warm use leggings as long underwear! ;) Miss ya!

Get Your Martha On said...

I live in Wisconsin, about two hours north of Chicago. The pictured looks are very cute. However (there's always a however, right?), I would keep my legs covered with more than just tights. Everyone in Chicago is doing the skinny jeans tucked in boots look, so I'd wear tights under the jeans tucked into the boots with some socks on. Some sort of down coat and yes, a big ol' scarf. Cover your ears, too. And static will be abundant in the hair when you step indoors, so try to bring a few dryer sheets in your purse to run over your hair (I don't think they allow aerosol cans on airplanes, otherwise I'd suggest a little can of Static Guard). Also, chapstick. Hopefully, you're a fast walker, because you won't want to dawdle outside.

Lindsay said...

First off, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! :) And secondly, I live near Boston so cold weather is the norm here in the winter (sadly, but oh well). As the person before me said, wearing only tights with boots will be super cute but you will absolutely FREEZE! I would highly recommend wearing leggings instead or even try tights UNDER your leggings. Or even tights under your jeans will keep you a little warmer. Make sure you wear heavy socks even if you are wearing big boots! And try a tank top or something tight and close up against your skin (even tucked into your pants which might seem weird but it keeps you much warmer!) then say a long sleeved-shirt and THEN a sweater. Cold weather is no joke and not fun at all... good luck and try to stay as warm as possible!

Lindsay said...

Oh and also - try wearing a longer coat. One that comes down past your butt will keep you warmer than a short one!

Ashley Hibma said...

Hey Allison....
I check your blog every once in a while, and would have to agree....the tights/leggings are not going to cut it!! Maybe for a base layer!! Hope you don't freeze!!! (It's been in the negatives here in IOWA!!)

Ashley (Vandenn's sister in law)

PS Loved to see your wedding photos Vandenn took. Beautiful. Congrats!!

Alison said...

Wow I don't think I've ever been in weather that cold! Good luck hun I'm sure you'll look cute no matter what! :)

Katy said...

I'm in Central IL and we spend some time up in Chicago too. I just wanted to warn you...PUDDLES!
they are all over Chicago downtown when it snows and it's gonna snow this weekend. My best advice is get rain boots with liners. Everyone has then there, and they are the best thing I have ever gotten! No Lie.
Earmuffs, thick scarves and gloves and tights will save you. It's windy (duh) and hoods don't save you much so pack a hat.
good luck, have fun and make sure you least get some good deep dish pizza while you are there!

Allison said...

Thank you all SO MUCH for your comments! I survived the cold and blogged to tell about it :) You all rock thank you tons for your advice, I took it, and stayed semi-warm... thanks to yall!