Friday, January 15, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Last night Matt and I drove to San Antonio for another internship interview for him.  And while I’m thankful he has so many interviews (he is a stud, what can I say?), they are getting rather old and annoying (and I’m not even the one interviewing; I’m just tagging along!)  Though we could have headed back home after his interview today, I insisted weeks ago when we booked the trip that we should stay another night to enjoy the Riverwalk and all the fun outdoorsy things (and by outdoorsy I mean you can sit outdoors with a cocktail) San Antonio has to offer.  To bad, when we drove in last night it looked like this…dripdripdrop_large via We Heart It

And then this morning when we woke up, it looked like this outside…4037541352_95c1188deb_large via We Heart It

And as we attempted to walk on the Riverwalk and see the Alamo, the streets looked like this (minus the pretty fall colored leaves…)tumblr_ku0tjad2vB1qzb31mo1_400_large via We Heart It

And as I sit in our hotel room blogging, it looks like this…Chuva_large via We Heart It


And to the girl in this picture, seriously?  No one actually does this when it’s raining…Whentheraincomesinsilence_by_burcindrummer_large via We Heart It

Oh and I checked the forecast for around dinner tonight.  Surprise…3522295932_03887687e8_large via We Heart It

Sadly, our room is prepaid via Hotwire, so heading back early with more money in our pockets isn’t really an option.  Boo.  Oh well, there are much (much!) bigger problems in life, so I will stop complaining and take advantage of a chance to curl up with my hubby in a cushy king bed, watch movies all night long, and send prayers of thanks that at least I have somewhere warm and dry to escape the rain.  Because after several days of watching CNN, I realize that a weekend spoiled by rain is nothing to whine about and would be a blessing to so many people right now.  So with that, I’ll take the rain with great thanks and continue to send prayers to people who truly have something complain about.

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xo, Alexi said...

i wish i could empathize with oyu more on the rain, but i LOVE the rain. it just makes me so happy, all the time. you chose some beautiful images to illustrate your story though.