Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Heart “We Heart It”

Pink_Heart_by_JimmyJaszczurka_large We Heart It

So I realize I am, like, the last blogger on Earth to find out about this insanely delightful website but what can I say, I’m behind the times in blogland.  This website is Disneyworld for beautiful, enchanting, and inspiring photos.  After stumbling on the site, I swore I’d only look around for ten minutes, but after an hour (ok, maaaaybe a little longer) I was swept up in all the fantasy.  I pulled out just a few of the inspiring images I found on We Heart It.  No reason or rhythm to what caught my attention, I just love what I love…

 uHSoJlmKmo38ysasoIksQdBno1_400_large We Heart It

tumblr_kpy4ii9seW1qzd31no1_500_large We Heart It

2924414075_3f0a949f90_large  We Heart It

tumblr_ksy4hh1rAL1qzesrfo1_500_largeWe Heart It

19816026_large We Heart It

tumblr_kvd8bvXwW41qa8vdlo1_500_large We Heart It


ash said...

Your not the last blogger, apparently I am.

Thanks for this post girl!

xo ash

Allison said...

Ash, I'm so glad someone else was with me on this! I had no idea all this beauty was on one website! Happy picture hunting :)