Monday, January 11, 2010

Run (Don’t Walk) to Nordstrom’s Winter Sale


I’m baaaaaaaack…(Did that sound like that creepy movie line?  If so, all my apologies.  It was supposed to sound like a smart and sassy announcement that I’ve returned from my arctic vacation.)  And guess what?  I SURVIVED.  That’s right people, I survived my snowy, frozen and blizzard ridden vacation.  Take that Chicago!  I will post a recap of my trip as well as some of the very important lessons I learned from traveling to the arctic later in the week.  However, for now, I sit propped up in bed with lots of fluffy pillows, nursing a scratchy throat and a desperate craving for Dairy Queen (willpower, Allison, willpower.)  And under these conditions, the only thing you can do besides watch the past 3 episodes of the Kardashians and Giuliana and Bill (which um, duh, I totally did) is shop!  And with Nordstrom’s Winter Sale currently going on, there is so much to gawk at.  Check out some of the things I’m currently drooling over, and head over to to find your own drool-worthy delights :)

_5972066 Free People Snugglebear Glitz Sweater.  I mean, if the name doesn’t win you over, what kind of crazy are you?  You all know I die for winter white, but when you add the oversized fit, the deep V, and the blingy detail around the neckline, I’m completely head over heels in love.

_5904237 Kenneth Cole New York Silk Sheath Dress.  Though I think this model is wearing this dress two sizes too big, I can see beyond that and reeeeeally like this dress.  I try to keep my eye out for versatile pieces that can work in several different situations, and this dress is one of those pieces for me.  I think it would look great with black tights and a cardigan for work or a snug black jacket and oversized jewelry for dinner and drinks.  The cinched waist is calling out for a belt, and I’m fairly certain I have a few in my closet that would definitely work.  Clicking “add to bag” as I type :)

_5911302 Donna Morgan Strapless Silk Chiffon Dress.  I know this is called the “winter sale,” but I’m fairly certain this dress could be worn across several seasons.  (I mean, it has a bright floral print just begging to be worn any time of year.)  I also love love love the shape of this dress.  The sweetheart neckline is flattering on almost everyone and the gathered bust is perfect for those of us that are not-so-large up top :)  Like everything else in my closet, I think I could totally make this work appropriate with a closed cardigan, belt, and some simple jewelry.

_5968516 Caslon Ribbon Trim Cardigan.  Speaking of cardigans…I love this one!  Now, I know it’s not a “wow” piece, but I am OBSESSED with cardigans (read about my obsession in this October post) and the detail around the neckline adds the perfect dose of femininity to the sweater.  It comes in seven different colors and at less than $40, I think its something I’d definitely get my wear out of.  PS: if I buy this cardigan, will my hair look at good as the model’s?  Ugh, love it.

_5749375 Lauren by Ralph Lauren Jewel Neck Halter Dress.  For anyone looking to start, add to, or update their LBD collection, this dress is for you.  Simple, but with some delicate detail, this dress could work for a million different functions.  And at 40% off, it’s hard to pass up.

_5811325 Aidan Mattox Niteline Chiffon Halter Gown with Beaded Straps.  Ok, I know many of you are wondering why on Earth I posted this, but hear me out.  When Matt and I went on our honeymoon this summer, I packed nothing but swimsuits and dresses.  Dresses for coverups, dresses for day excursions, and dresses for dinner everynight.  (I seriously love dresses!)  I would have LOVED to have had this dress in my suitcase and would have paired it with simple flat sandals and simple, swept up bun!  I think it would be perfect for the girl on a beach/resort/tropical vacation who loves to get dressed up and doesn’t mind being the dressiest person at dinner (someone has to be, and I’d much rather be the sassy, dressed up girl in the room than the girl in the corner in a tank top, skirt, and flip flops.  If it works for other people great, but it doesn’t work for me.  Just saying…)  I also would have totally worn this dress if Matt and I had gotten married on the beach!  Looooove the details straps and waistline!  Though some of you may find it slightly impractical, I know a handful of readers who would totally rock this dress and love being “that” girl at dinner.  Oh, and if the front isn’t enough to convince you…

_5811436Hellooooooo…look at the back!  It’s not as crazy expensive as you might think, so if you’ve got a special occasion coming up, give this dress a chance!  I love it so freaking much!  In fact, this dress makes me wonder if one year is too early to renew Matt and I’s vows :)  This dress sure would look good…

_5904633 In Bloom by Jonquil 'Melodie' Chiffon Wrap.  The sale also includes a ton of great lingerie and sleepwear, but since my dad reads this blog (hey Dad!), I won’t go into detail there.  I will say however, that this robe/wrap is totally precious, slightly practical (I said slightly, not completely) and really pretty.  I might go ahead and pick this up for my BFF who is getting married next year.  (Yes, her lingerie shower is a year away, and yes I’m already looking at gifts for her.  Psycho-preparer or thoughtful friend, I’m not sure, but I like to think thoughtful.) :)

_5932489 Kate Spade Queen of Hearts Ring.  The last item (for anyone who is actually still reading) is this ADORABLE Kate Spade ring.  I wrote about my cocktail ring love affair here and this little gem certainly makes me happy.  Precious, playful, cheeky and just so stinking cute.  I love it and have to have it.

So what do you think?  See anything that tickles your fancy?  (Why do people say that, what does it mean, and do I really want to know?!)  Regardless, I said it and am curious to know what you found in their winter sale and just have to have (or would have to have if your bank account weren’t still reeling from the holidays.  Can I get an “amen” on that one?)  Let me know, I can’t wait to hear!

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Greetings : )
Shopping online or in-store? which often do you realy go for? just wondering lol.. i prefer in-store as i hate expecting it to arrive!