Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kohl's: Your One Stop Shop

This weekend, Matt had an interview in Oklahoma, so we headed North for the weekend.  Given my love affair with all things OU, I jumped at the chance to go.  Our travel plans changed once we got there, which allowed us to have time to stop in Dallas on our way home to see several of my longtime friends.  It also allowed me to celebrate a reeeeally special event with my best friend Jordan.  Jordan and her mom own a dance studio, and they just moved into a fabulous new space, and in true diva style, they threw a cocktail party to celebrate the occasion.  (Reason number 526 we're friends; we think just alike.)

Now, I'm always up for a good cocktail party, but the problem was, I had NOTHING to wear.  Sure, I had packed cute stuff for Oklahoma, but nothing cocktail appropriate.  Matt tried to persuade me to wear jeans saying "no one ever dresses up these days, they'll be people there in mom jeans and sweaters, etc" but I wouldn't have it.  I REFUSE to wear jeans to cocktail party.  I don't care if their lined in diamonds, I.will.not.do.it.   If other people choose to, fine, but I simply refuse.  (Judge me if you want.)  I begged Matt to run to the mall, but even as a begged, I knew we didn't have time.  So with an hour until the party and nothing but jeans, tops, and sweaters, I headed to the one place I knew I'd be able to find everything I needed for an affordable price and where I could be in and out in under a half an hour.  What is this place I speak of?  Kohls.

Now some of you might already love Kohls, but I'm going to guess the majority of you turn up your nose at the standalone not-quite-department-store store or simply forget it's even there.  But I'm blogging today to convince/remind you of its awesomeness.  Now I'm not going to lie and say it's my first choice of shopping spots or the place I'd run if I won the lottery, but I am saying that it deserves a solid second look from people.  I tend to follow the same pattern when I shop there and stick to certain items and brands.  It's a big store, so I don't look at everything, just what I know I like.  For clothes I browse Simply Vera by Vera Wang, LC Lauren Conrad (remember how much I heart her), Elle, and sometimes Daisy Fuentes.  I always browse their accessories, home decor, dishes/glassware, and candles (they have super steals in this department.)  Once in a while I also check in on their sleepwear section.  So check out some of the things I spotted and grabbed in my fifteen minute shopping spree (yes, literally, fifteen minutes.  I grabbed what I could, and vowed to return the things I didn't end up wearing.  I'm hoping Matt forgets about that return vow.)  I've also included some of the things I just love there right now in general.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the best part about Kohl's is everything is always on SALE!

You all already know about my obsession for both Lauren Conrad and for bows, so put them together and I just can't say no.  I think this dress would be fabulous for holiday parties with gigantic blinged out earrings.  (Yes, I said blinged out.  Sue me.)

Elle Boyfriend Jacket (on sale for $41.99)
I have been hunting for a cute black little blazer for what seems like 2 years, and this one is super cute.  Unfortunately, it didn't fit me the way I wanted, but since we're all built differently, I'm hoping it will work better for one of you.  It would look fab with skinny jeans and a great pair of boots or booties.

 Simply Vera Sequin Organza Top (on sale for $31.99)
Shine is oh so in this season and I think the combination of shine and feminine detailing in this top is divine.  I'd rock it with black skinny jeans and heels for going out or with a black pencil skirt and cardigan for the office.  The Kohl's in Dallas didn't have this, and you better believe I'm going to the one in my little town tonight for this top.

LC Lauren Conrad Shaker Cardigan (on sale for $41.99)
I don't think they should call this a cardigan, because it looks so much thicker than a traditional cardigan.  I love wearing creams and winter whites for some odd reason, and I'm getting warm and cozy just looking at this sweater.  I'd pair it with skinny jeans and brown riding boots.  Delightful.

LC Lauren Conrad Strapless Dress (on sale for $28.99)
Though the name of the dress is a serious snooze (really Lauren that's the best you could do?), this dress is a perfect basic in every way.  Every girl needs one, two, or seven black dresses in her closet, and this is a good one to add.  The fabric says casual and the cut is fairly neutral, so you have lots of room to play with the dress to make your look what you want.  I ended up wearing this to the cocktail party with black tights and a gray cocoon sweater that I'd packed for the weekend, along with black patent round toe heels, a cute black bow headband that I got at Kohl's, and gigantic bling earrings.  Super cute and versatile (and for less than $30), what's not to love?

Simply Vera Chiffon Top (on sale for $29.99)
I am always (and I mean always) looking for black tops to go under cardigans.  My staple work wardrobe consists of pencil skirts and cardigans, but I try to avoid just wearing a plain cami underneath, instead favoring a top with some pizazz or detail.  This top is perfect for that task! The light fabric and the detailing around the neckline make me melt with glee.  I love love love this and will be adding it to my "under cardigan collection."

I had intended to add more lovelies to this post, but after six pieces, I can see I'm getting carried away (and we didn't even get to housewares or accessories!)  I guess that means you'll just have to head over to Kohl's and see all the goodness for yourself :)  Seriously people-who-I-know-are-still-doubting-me, consider Kohl's!  You can't possibly leave that store without finding something you just have to have.  Happy shopping and let me know what you find!


Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Wow girl you hit the jackpot there! I never seem to find anything when I go! I have major love for Lauren too!

TeachingInHeels said...

I just went to Kohl's last week and found so many fabulous LC and Vera pieces on clearance!! My favorite!! :)