Friday, December 4, 2009

Thankful Thursday: DJ Meegie

So I know I'm pushing my Thursday expiration (it's 11:21 as I'm beginning to type this), but I couldn't miss my weekly post, especially since this person makes my life so delightful.  In a girly, cute version of David Letterman's Top Ten, here's why I love love love my dear friend Miguel.

10.  He let's me call him Meegie.  I gave him that nickname, and as much as it sounds like a nickname for a five year old, he still lets me call him Meegie (although I had to promise to never call him that in front of our professors.)

9.  He makes the BEST playlists in the world.  I swear, he could be a DJ if the Ph.D thing doesn't work out.  Or he could combine the careers and become Dr. DJ (I claim royalties now if that sticks.)

8.  He makes me laugh really really hard.  On a daily basis.

7.  He drove all but one of my shifts on our 34 hour round trip to Arizona for Thanksgiving.  Granted, I had to bribe him with food....(which leads me to 7b...)

7b.  He makes me feel like my cooking is better than Sandra Lee, Paula Dean, and Rachel Ray combined.  He got the word out about my "legendary" banana nut bread.

6.  We share a secret of the "lady in beige."  (It's a secret, so no, I won't elaborate for all you curious followers.)

5.  He manages to be dear, dear friends to both my husband and me, separately and as a couple.  I can't imagine how difficult/annoying/confusing that must be at times, but he makes it work and is an incredible friend to both of us.

4.  He stands patiently in stores as I try on every headband they sell.  He continues to stand there patiently as I try them on for another twenty minutes :)

3.  He calls me on my crap when I deserve it.

2.  He loves Spoons as much as I do.  Even better, he lefts the cashier punch my punch card for his yogurt.  (Free hot pink Spoons t-shirt, here I come!)

1.  He is one of the few people in the world who gets me.  And I mean really gets me.  I don't have to pretend, explain, or elaborate, he just gets me.  It's pretty dang hard to find a friend like that.  So for that, and all the other nine reasons, I am super thankful for my funny, fabulous, and treasured friend!

Hugs on Matt and I's wedding day.  Miguel delivered Matt's gift to me :)


Alison said...

Aww he sounds like a great friend and those are hard to find! :)

Patricia said...

: ) Your top 10 list was a really good idea. Also, I've only been to Spoons twice. I didn't know about the punch card!