Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Britney!

Just wanted to take a second to wish my BFF Britney (needs no last name) a happy birthday.  (Ok, she isn't technically my BFF, because she doesn't know me, but I'm pretty sure if she knew me, we'd totally be best friends!)  Anyway...anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Britney Spears.  Did you get that, LOVE.  I have seriously been her number one fan since day one.  And I'm not talking about the screaming, crying, uncontrollable, psycho stalker fan, I'm talking about the faithful follower, believes she can do anything, deeply supportive fan.  See the difference?  Tooootally not the same type of fan.  So to reiterate, I'm the second type of number fan one.  Not the crazy one, the classy one.  When others thought she lost it and was pop tart history, I stood up for her and said we would she would show them.  And when others said that "Britney's back" I scoffed reminding them she never left.  So, while some of you blog readers may think I'm slightly insane, no worries, I'm just a super super super fan (which in some people's books makes me a slighlty insane.)  Nonetheless, I want to give a huge birthday shout out to Miss Britney.  Happy birthday from your biggest fan and BFF that you just haven't met yet :)


Kelly said...

Oooh, I'm a Super Fan too :-) I was thinking about posting a quick Happy Birthday today too, haha. Even though she still rocks uggs and cut-off shorts and hates to wear a bra... still love the girl. No judging here, totally love her :-)

Taylor said...

Super fan here too! I totally agree SHE NEVER LEFT!

Alison said...

Aww I love her too! I'd like to help her a bit with her hair and wardrobe but I still love her! :)