Monday, December 21, 2009

The Holiday: A Great Movie with a Must Have Wardrobe


With Christmas less than a week away, our little family of 2 has been enjoying some of our favorite holiday movies.  Like many of you, we heart the childhood classics (Rudolph, Frosty, the Grinch, Home Alone, Charlie Brown Christmas) and have finally upgraded to watching these flicks on DVD.  Until a couple of years ago, we were still watching them on jumpy VHS versions that my dad had taped off ABC 80 years ago.  Between the black and white lines spread across the screen, the static, and the slow mo voice that constantly plagued our poor Charlie brown, we had to use a great deal of both memory and imagination to keep the plot moving and the lines audible.  But thanks for Target and Wal-Mart, we’ve recovered most of these favorites on DVD.  Last night, however, Matt and I watched a more recent Christmas fave of mine, The Holiday.  It’s very Love Actually-esque; slightly cheesy, several characters with semi-separate plot lines, and a completely heartwarming end (don’t worry, I didn’t spoil anything.)  I just love it, and when I spotted the movie on Black Friday for $4.99, I snatched a copy for myself and scoffed at other the other people who only left with TVs and Blu-ray players.  Pssh, please, I got the good stuff.

So last night, as Matt and I watched Cameron, Kate, Jack and Jude do their thing, I couldn’t help but gawk over Cameron Diaz’s wardrobe in the movie.  She looks permanently chic and oh so cozy, even in her pajamas!  So if you haven’t seen the movie, you have to check it out, if not for the cheesy heartwarming love story, then for Cameron’s fabulously warm and cozy wardrobe.

arts_holiday_392 Love the layering, she makes it look so chic!

rusted root inspirationNo one does winter white like she does in this film.  Beautifully done Cameron (and set stylists).

6a00e55202d48a8834011572574e5b970b-500wi Even in her pajamas she looks fabulously warm and cozy!  I’m pretty sure I do not look like that in sweatpants, much less after a flight halfway across the world!

18689019_w434_h_q80 Though I really do not like this coat (too sheepy for me) I love love love her boots in this scene.  Santa, if you want to bring these for Christmas that would be awesome.  (Oh and Santa, I’ll probably need some new skinny jeans while you’re at it.  Mine are a little past snug at this point.  Perhaps a treadmill would be a more long term solution.)

06 The coziness doesn’t stop at her wardrobe.  Look at her home!  I LOVE IT.  Santa, can you bring that too?  Awesome.

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Patricia said...

First of all-- look at all of your followers! That's kind of amazing. Secondly, when I saw this movie the other day I thought of you. I think its funny that you even wrote a blog post about it. Actually, when I was watching the movie I thought that I would love to own the dress Kate Winslet wears at the dinner party scene in the end. Its simple, but elegant. I think it's an A line.