Friday, July 22, 2011

Yesterday I Wore a Turban


As the title of this post so eloquently states, yesterday I wore a turban.  Groundbreaking news around these parts, as I had 99% made up my mind that I'd never be able to pull off the turban trend.  I've seen girls sprinkled throughout Chicago and the blogosphere that pull off the turban beautifully, but I was certain if I even attempted the trend, I'd look like a complete and total doofus.  (Yes, I just used the word "doofus" which you probably haven't heard since fourth grade.  I'm vintage like that.)  So anyway, back to my "yesterday I wore a turban" title.  Sunday, while I was purchasing a few goodies at the Anniversary Sale, the adorable associate complimented me on my hat.  (FYI I was wearing my beloved panama hat, seen here.)  After a very delighted "thanks," I complimented her on her super cute and trendy turban.  She swore it was super simple to do, to which I replied, "Umm pretty sure I'd look like an idiot if I tried to pull that off."  Before I knew it, she "no no no-ed" me and shooed me towards a mirror and a shelf full of scarves.  She proceeded to tie a scarf on my head turban style.  She had me repeat her tie job, and I had to give it the girl, it was pretty simple.

So yesterday, I woke up a few minutes early (which pretty much never happens) and thought I'd practice my turban tying skills.  The Nordie girl was right, it was foolproof.  And I actually kinda liked the way it looked.  But then I started talking myself out of wearing it, thinking "What if I look stupid, I'm probably too old for this, what if I look like I'm trying too hard" blah blah blah.  But then I decided... to hell with the "rules."  I tell clients at AT all the time that there aren't rules in fashion.  I tell people to wear white year round, I adore mixing prints, and I'm adamant that leopard is a neutral.  So why should I let a few silly rules and some self doubt keep me from trying a trend?


Turban: made from one of my mom's vintage scarves
Blazer: The Limited
Tee: J.Crew
Necklace: Ann Taylor (one of my fashion show swag goodies)
Bracelets: vintage, Loft, Ann Taylor
Jeans: Ann Taylor

With that, I twisted, knotted, and turbanned, and decided I'd keep the look all day long.  No wimping out, no taking if off halfway to work.  I had to go for it.  At first, the reviews were mixed.  I got a few odd looks and a few non-comments from people who almost always comment on what I wear.  I interpreted those to mean, I did in fact look like an idiot.  But slowly, throughout the day, several clients at Ann Taylor approached me, loving the look.  And each time I caught a glimpse of my turban wearing self in the mirror, I got more used to what I saw.  And by the end of yesterday, I really liked it!

So let my turban wearing Thursday be a reminder for all of us that there are no rules in fashion, no age limits, and no trend that we can't try!

PS: Is there a trend or look you've been wanting to try but have hesisted on for fear of looking like a fourth grade doofus? :)  Do share and maybe we can all motivate each other to just go for it!


Alivia said...

Girl, you look beautiful! Though I'm pretty sure you could wear a piece of lettuce on your head and pull it off :)
Tutorial please!!!! I've always wanted to try this.
P.S. My scarf-belt-thing tutorial is on its way :)

Lindsay said...

This is the first turban look I've seen that I loved immediately. Tutorial! Tutorial! So glad you stayed brave and rocked it all day.

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Tutorial!! :) I think you look adorable and good for you for keeping it up all day :)

Anonymous said...

This looks SO GOOD on you!

cheryl denise said...

it looks GREAT on you!! i'm looking forward to trying the trend, i just need to find a sales associate like you did to help me :)

cheryla peek of chic

Brittany said...

I love, love, love the look! And I have to agree with Alivia - you can pull anything off, don't you dare doubt yourself!

I recently got feather extensions added to my hair... I'm usually non-trendy opting for classic instead but I couldn't get them off my mind so when my stylist offered them, I accepted! They are funky & have made me feel so fun! Some people think they're totally stupid & maybe try are - they are rooster feathers hanging from my hair - but I've enjoyed them & was glad that I fought the 'you can't pull them off' thoughts in my head!

Lindsay said...

This looks so good on you! Love it!

Miranda from PSS said...

LOVE it! As per usual, you look fab!
Now for the TTT (turban tying tutorial)....I will wait (semi) patiently. ;)

Val said...

Beyond adorable...I'm loving this trend!

PursuitOfLLT said...

this looks so great on you! and i'm totally digging your hair color right now!