Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Did It Again

IMG 0081

After last week's brave turban trial, I've been hooked.  I've been wearing scarves wrapped 'round my head so often Matt has taken to calling me "Rambo."  A nice change from "Indiana Jones" when I wear this hat.  Men...they don't get it do they?  Anyway, several of you commented on my look (thanks!) and asked for a turban tutorial.  That left me with three options.

1.  Stalk the adorable salesperson from Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue and beg her to come visit each and every one of your houses.  (Could seem a bit creepy.)

2. Subject you all to my Minnie Mouse video voice with a Youtube tutorial.  (My video voice is pretty mousey, and I'm sure if I was focused on turban tying, it would go up a few          octaves.  And no one needs to hear Minnie Mouse this early in the week.)

3. Find an already existing Youtube tutorial that covers the same turban tying technique used by the Nordie girl and yours truly.

Because stalking and subjecting you all to the slow painful torture that would be me on a video tutorial both sounded like bad ideas, I skipped the first two options and found an existing video tutorial.  You can find the super easy to follow tutorial HERE.  However, before you run off to practice, I thought I'd add my two cents to the tutorial.  (PS: apparently this look is referred to as a turband not a turban.  Potato, pototto.)

1. I've had the best luck using silk scarves, as opposed to typical knit scarves.  They were a bit too bulky for me.

2. You really do need a fairly long scarf/piece of fabric.  I have pretty big collection of silk scarves, and I was certain they'd all be the perfect turban tying length.  Wrong.  Most              were just a few inches too short leaving ends poking out or a turban that was tied so tight, I could feel my brain squishing.  Not good options, so go long.

3. I place my turband farther down on my forehead than she does, though either look works.  If you like the look a little farther down, use her same process, but wrap closer to                your hairline.

4. You're going to get makeup on your turband (assuming you wear it lower on your hairline like me.)  The first turband I wore was darker, so it wasn't as noticable, but the one          in this picture now has a bit of MAC Studiofix on it.  No biggie to me, but this fact has kept me from trying the turband with my vintage DVF scarf.  No way I'm risking that.

Alright, so for all those that commented and asked for a tutorial, there you go.  A tutorial and my 2 cents, whoa.  It's clearly gonna be a crazy Tuesday :)


cheryl denise said...

love all your bracelets in this pic! could you identify the two thick ones? thanks :)

a peek of chic

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i love this look on you! so pretty and urban!!

Anonymous said...

I love it!! I'm going to have to find a vintage scarf and give my own Rambo look a try :)

Here's a tutorial I found that shows a little more detail...


Makenna Van Liew said...

you are totally rocking the turband look. it looks so great on you Allison! and I am obsessed with your green cargo jacket where did you get it? i've been looking for one for this fall and yours is the cutest one I've seen!

Newlymeds said...

You look great!!