Monday, February 1, 2010

Family Date Weekend

This weekend I was so lucky to be able to hit the road and head to Houston to hang out with my family (sans Matt, tear.)  Being with my fam always makes me happy, and while Matt and I still live relatively close to my family, I’ll take advantage of any chance to hang out and be goofy with my little brother Ryan. 

 DSCN1596-1 We kicked off the weekend with a TWO HOUR drive to see my brother play basketball.  Yes, two hours, that is true fan dedication.  Please excuse the poor lighting.  No amount of picture editing could undo the awfulness that is gym lighting.

DSCN1597-1 Me and my dad.  Superfans, right here.

DSCN1621 This isn’t the best pic of me, but whatev.  Though the game didn’t have a positive outcome for my brother’s team, we still posed for a picture :)

DSCN1626 The next day, Ry and I headed out to the mall to do a little shopping for the Sadie Hawkins dance he was going to that night.  We stopped at El Rey for lunch, and omg,  If you are in the Houston, it’s definitely worth a stop over.  So yummy!

DSCN1638 The final product after a day of shopping.  I have the world’s cutest, most adorably handsome “little” brother in the world.  Seriously.  Precious.

DSCN1639Looking fly :)

DSCN1637 I’m such a proud big sister :)

After we dropped my brother off at his friend’s house, my mom and I rushed back so we could watch Miss America.  I don’t know why, but I LOVE watching Miss America.  Although halfway through the swimsuit portion as I was envying their awesome bodies, I looked down at my Dairy Queen blizzard and thought to myself, “I’m pretty sure they don’t eat these.”  But no worries, I scooped out the rest of the Snickers and polished that baby off.  We all need to live a little right?

c16b78ee-8a9e-41f4-a75e-265db2aa5387-big{Associated Press} 

Miss Virginia ended up taking the crown, and though I was rooting for Miss Texas and Miss Oklahoma, I thought between the yellow dress, the rockin talent, her gorgeous smile, Miss Virginia was quite fabulous.  And I really want her earrings (along with Will.I.Am’s rhinestone shoulder pads from the Grammys.)  Not kidding.  Love them both.  The next morning, we picked up my brother from his friend’s house and heard all the scoop from the dance over pancakes and coffee at Denny’s.  (Clearly, the toned abs of the Miss America girls had left my mind quite quickly.)  We stopped at the airport to see my dad off to Calgary for a business trip and then headed back to the house so I could pack up my stuff and get on the road back to school/work/life/etc.  Boo.  The weekend is over and it was way too short.  Nonetheless, I’m thankful for such a fabulous weekend and a fabulous family! 


Amber said...

hoe fun! such a good looking family!

Pink Champagne said...

Mother/daughter time + Miss America = the best. :)