Friday, February 5, 2010

Hooray for Friday

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It’s Friday and I’m pumped.  Pumped because it was a crazy week, pumped because we’re  meeting friends for dinner tonight, pumped because I need to recharge, pumped because our friends our hosting a Super Bowl party and I get am trying out two new recipes, and pumped because I can’t wait to catch a glimpse of Kim Kardash at the Superbowl.  (She always looks so fabulous and while I die for college football, I could give a flip about professional football.)  But the real reason I am soooo pumped for this weekend is because Matt surprised me with a quick weekend getaway.  Tomorrow we’re heading to Houston for a  zoo trip/dinner date/overnight stay (and if I’m sneaky enough, a trip to the Galleria.)  When I texted him to ask why we were going, he said, “Because I love you and its important that we take time to connect.”  Hi, I have the world’s greatest husband.  Holla!  So I’ll be gone from blogland until Monday, enjoy your weekend, I know I will!


Mel said...

He is a good husband! Keep him! Enjoy your weekend!

Kinsey Michaels said...

Aww that's so cute and sounds very romantic. Have a fun weekend girl!!! (If you weren't already married I would have suspected he'd be proposing!)


Stuck in the Sticks said...

So sweet! He's a keeper!

Sweet Nothings said... has the best. hair. ever.