Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alice + Olivia, Please Meet my Friend, Keds

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of my thoughtful readers and friends who commented, called, and emailed after yesterday’s post.  When I started this blog, I never imagined I’d find so much support and encouragement through blogland, but oh how I was wrong, because yall totally rock and I am so, so blessed!

Today is a new day, things look brighter, and a big smile spread across my face when I saw these little lovelies today.  If you are anything like me, you grew up living in and loving Keds.  Yep, I’m talking about the good old classic, white, lace up tennies with the little blue rectangle glued on their backside.  Oh how I loved my Keds.  (“Loved” might be a bit of an understatement; I was kind of obsessed.  I had 953 different accessories for my beloved tennies from neon pink curly Qs, colored laces, and clip on bows.  Every outfit, uniform, and costume I owned  had a Keds companion, and I thought I was just too cool for school.)  So imagine my delight today to see the latest fashion collaboration between Alice + Olivia and my sweet, sweet Keds.  Their lovechild is an unexpected, youthful, and sparkly take on the casually classic Keds.  Oh how I love thee…


Adorable, right?!  I know, I heart them thiiiiiiiiiis much!  I’m loving the silver and light pink the most, and think I’ll end up getting the silver.  But I’m guessing a few of you aren’t sold.  “Allison, what in the world am I going to wear a sparkly tennie with?”  Well I’m glad you asked…

erez If you’re a cardigan girl, pair it with this.

erez2 If you’re a tank girl, go this route.

erez3 And if you’re a simple jeans and tee girl, you’re in luck.

All of these looks would be totally precious with the new soon-to-be-mine sparkly Keds.  Everybody needs a good pair of tennies for spring/summer and I have definitely found mine!  They’ll be perfect standing in line at Starbucks, lunching with my BFFs, and running errands on a Sunday afternoon.  Oh I wish they were here already!  The shoes are set to go on sale this spring at Neiman’s, Alice + Olivia boutiques, and of course on their website  PS: the last 3 lovely pics are from my dream closet, J.Crew and are available online.  PSS: I really love the word tennies if you can’t tell from the six times I said it in this post :)

So what do you think, will you sporting some sparkly tennies this spring?


*niomi* said...

1. Those ARE super cute!
How much are they?

and 2. J.Crew...*drool* :)

Pink Champagne said...

Keds + JCrew = the perfect pair! What a darling look!

Ashley Stone said...

I had the neon laces in my keds! I too was too cool for school. ; ) haha

Amanda said...

I just hopped over here from Jess's blog (Living the Swell Life) and I'm loving yours!

Those sparkly Keds are awesome--I would match them up with some rolled-up jeans in the spring.