Friday, February 12, 2010

Character Quirks

4076998659_0f97eff7a3_o_large {we heart it, and yes, I know they wrote "off" instead of "of."  Minor detail.}

Whoever made this image must know me.  Seriously, it’s kind of creepy.  Although I’d definitely have to add “drinking everything through a straw” and “leaving half-drunk/half-dranken water bottles all over my house, car, office, desk, and nightstand.”  My mom once cleaned out my car for me (isn’t she nice?) and found nine, count them, NINE half empty (go ahead, call me a pessimist) water bottles rolling around my car.  But since none of these things are going to kill me, I will refer to them as “character quirks.”  Muuuuch better than bad habits don’t you think?  :)  So spill…what are your bad habits character quirks?


Kelly said...

oh my gosh! you and i are SO similar! i do everything that you do including everything in the picture AND the water bottle issue. hahahaha aren't we great???

thank you for saying such sweet things on my giveaway post! good luck and i am so glad that you are participating.

p.s. your husband sounds rad...a party for 100 followers?! amazing!

Amber said...

lol so cute!! Sometimes I wish I was a graphic designer

Erin said...

omg, all of those plus...
- always getting to-go cups and leaving them everywhere (car, house, office, etc.) -this is my equivalent to the water bottle quirk
- stocking up on, not only moleskins, but sticky notes of all shapes and sizes
- having too many computer cases/ bags... i only have one laptop, but at least 5 computer bags!
- not putting my shoes back in the closet, right now i have 11 pairs of shoes scattered across my apartment!

there are tons more "quirks" in my life! But that's what people love about us right? :)

tam pham said...

i too have the habit of leaving half empty (or is it half full) water bottles all over the place.

Ashley Stone said...

I totally relate! I waste way too many water bottles... in an attempt to go green I'm trying to just refill a stainless steal bottle...but old habits die hard!

dad said...

were the water bottles half empty or half full? I guessing that an optimist would eventually drink the water and the pessimist would throw it out?