Monday, October 8, 2012


At last, I am finally posting the rest of the pictures from my brother and my roadtrip.  Given that these are almost two months ago, I'm convinced I'm trying to hold on to summer and the freedom of my month-long vacation :)

Aug 13 201221. Balcony view at The Peabody for the March of the Ducks.
2. Early morning cruising made bearable with Starbucks, good tunes, and lots of laughs. 

Aug 13 201233. Macarons at Sucre.
4. Lattes are always better when made with love. 

Aug 13 201245. Sibling jazz on Frenchmen's Street (love the classy ATM sign in the background lol.)
6. Live jazz at The Spotted Cat, one of our favorites of the trip.

Aug 13 201257. Cafe Du Monde, oh how I wish you were closer to Chicago.
8. Happy Allison. 

Aug 13 201269. Enjoying blue sky, open roads, and sibling bonding time.
10. The Pringles duck beak never gets old. 

Aug 13 2012711. Shorty after crossing into Texas, we stopped for some of our favorite Texas staples, fried chicken, crinkle cut fries, and Texas toast.  Yeehaw!
12. Last stop of the roadtrip?  Picking up my graduation gown.  An awesome end to an awesome trip!

It was so great to be able to spend so much time with my little brother.  He is turning into such a little grown up, and it was so fun to share this experience together.  I'm thinkng roadtrips are going to be a mandatory summer activity!  PS: you can see our other roadtrip posts here and here.

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Kayla Flewelling said...

Oh my Lord....I really would love some chicken, white gravy and Texas Toast!! Such a wonderful staple!!