Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Orleans

It's been over a month since my brother and I roadtripped from Chicago to Texas, and I'm just now posting the pictures from our second stop, New Orleans.  To be honest, I debated whether or not to post these pictures, given the recent destruction caused by Hurricane Isaac.  But then I figured what better way to honor a city than by sharing an authentic experience from a first time visitor.  So with that, here are a few pictures from our stop in New Orleans...

8070962After the six hour drive from Memphis to New Orleans, Ryan and I had one thing on our!  We quickly dropped our bags at our hotel and headed out in search of some good old New Orleans cuisine.

8070963First stop, Bourbon Street for some oh-so-tasty shrimp po' boys and hurricanes.  I had literally been dreaming of this sandwich the entire trip.

8070959My roadtrip navigator and little bestie.  Isn't he adorable? 

8070968With full bellies, we headed out to explore the city, taking a quick stroll down Bourbon Street.  During our short time in New Orleans, I couldn't help but notice the city's mix of high/low, old/new, touristy/authentic, remembered/forgotten.  Normally, I am drawn to this kind of diversity, but for some reason, I found the city slightly unsettling in this way.  I think it was this last pairing, remembered/forgotten that struck me most, and I couldn't help but think of how much this city has gone through the past several years.

8070970Outfit of the day...
Shorts: Lauren Conrad
Tank: Dillards
Hat: Nordstrom
Bolo tie (worn as a necklace): thrifted
Sandals: Target 

8070971How sad is it that this is the only picture I have of us on this entire roadtrip?!

8070974After lunch (and perhaps a quick nap) we headed out to explore a different area of New Orleans, Magazine Street.  The area is known for it's local shops and boutiques, as well as its uber-cool vibe.

P8070979We made a stop at Sucre, an amazing sweet boutique that I discovered in a Southern Living "Best of New Orleans" guide (found here.)  Sucre is famous for their delightful desserts, gelato, and of course their macarons.

8070991Sucre was one of those places where you can't help but squeal upon arrival.  It was adorable, delicious, and just the right amount of prissy.  And the staff was really sweet, letting us sample various things, answering my million questions, and putting up with my incessant photo snapping.

8070994Funny enough, Matt's sister and her family were in New Orleans the same time as Ryan and me.  We hadn't realized our overlap until just a few days before when I posted on Facebook about packing for the roadtrip.  So we met up for a bit, chatting over milkshakes and macarons.  And I have to give Julie a big shout out, as she treated me to an extra sweet graduation present while at Sucre; thank you, Julie!

P8070983These treats were almost too pretty to eat...almost :)  Ryan and I were afraid the box wouldn't make it back to Texas with anything left inside, but thankfully, we managed to have some self-control, and were able to share with our family when we arrived in Houston.

P8070996After Sucre, Ryan and I headed to Frenchmen's Street, known as the local's choice spot for good jazz.  We read in a travel article that the locals invented Bourbon Steet to corral all the tourists and keep them away from their beloved Frenchmen's Street.  Ryan and I enjoyed a low key night, wandering in and out of bars, letting our ears and good jazz guide our wandering.  I'm so thankful several of you suggested this to me, as it was a great way to experience a more authentic side of New Orleans nightlife.

8081005The next morning, we got up bright and early, ready to hit the road.  But of course, a trip to New Orleans is not complete without a stop at the legendary, Cafe Du Monde.

8081003Those little powdered treats were even better than I imagined!  Little did we know that while we were chowing down and dusting powdered sugar off our fingers, my car was being towed!  Apparently, there is some secret parking rule about not parking on the street before 9:00 am, blah...blah...blah, and in short, Ryan and I spent our last two hours in New Orleans navigating the ridiculous ins and outs of New Orleans towing.  But after some stress, several deep breaths, and even a few laughs, we were eager to say goodbye to New Orleans and get back on the road!  Those beignets may have been the most expensive powdered puffs we've ever eaten, but at least they were good :)

Even though our trip was quick, we had so much fun.  It's no secret that I love being a big sister, and getting to spend some quality time Ryan, especially before graduation, was such a treat.  I've got a few more Instagram snaps from the trip coming this week, and you can see pictures from our stop in Memphis here.  Hope everyone has a fabulous week! 


Brady said...

I've been waiting for this post! I know just what you mean about the city being "unsettling." "Haunting" is the word I used to describe it when I was there, I believe. And I'm sorry about your towing experience, but I guess you were a true New Orleanian, if only for a couple of hours. :)

Natasha xoxo said...

Love the new look of your blog Allison! Can't wait to read more about your new life ahead. Congrats on all the success!

xo, tasha
twenty-something blog