Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thrift Trip of the Year

Remember a few weeks ago on Facebook when I mentioned having the most amazing thrifting day ever?  (If you missed that status update, you're clearly missing out on all the thrilling excitement in my life.)  Well, its been almost three weeks and I'm still pinching myself over all the amazing goodies I scored.  My favorite thrift store, Savers, was having a 50% sale, and since I'm never one to miss a good sale, I got up early to beat the crowds.  (For those of you non-thrifters, I am not kidding; there are crowds on thrift store sale days.)  I walked away with 4 skirts, 2 dresses, 2 scarves, and 1 sweater.  And all of the pieces were things I had been looking to add to my wardrobe for fall.  But enough babbling, here are a few quick morning snaps of some of my recent thrift scores...

IMG 0941I snagged this navy and white mid-length striped skirt for $3.  Yes, you read that right, $3.  The length might be awkward for some people, but given my height and love for heels, the skirt hits mid-calf and is a nice change for fall.  I also love the white rope belt, a fun nautical nod for sure!

IMG 0942I also scored this leopard scarf, which is totally different from the other 4 leopard scarves I already own.  Seriously, way different :)  And I finally figured out how to turn standard scarves into infinity scaves, which is making this an even more versatile piece.

IMG 0943I have been loving the bright floral trend for fall, and I've had my eye out for an oh-so-floral dress.  So when I saw this dress, I couldn't believe my thrifting luck.  It was a bit too 80's frilly, but when I paired it with a black blazer, leopard belt, and some big bling, it was just what I'd hoped for.

IMG 0947My scarf collection is always growing, and I loved the bold color and print in this scarf.  It added something extra to an otherwise simple chambray + purple corduroy combo.

IMG 0953This 100% pure silk dress from Talbots was another fabulous find.  The sublte gold and black print is right up my alley, and of course, I added a black blazer, because well, I'm addicted to black blazers.  This dress is actually several sizes too big for me, so I know I always have to wear a belt and blazer with it or get it altered.

IMG 0952So this is obviously not a work outfit (though I do wish oversized sweaters, lounge leggings, and ponytails were allowed at work).  Me and oversized sweaters, well, we kind of have a thing.  So when I saw this dark gray lovely hanging on a rack on the way out, she called to me and the rest was history.  This almost-snuggie ran a whopping $5.  It doesn't get much better than that.

IMG 0965Now might be a good time to mention, I'm already obsessed with the scarf.  I wear it two or three times a week and have to keep myself from wearing it more often.  The skirt is another mid-length skirt.  I think this silhouette works well for me, and though I love me a good pencil skirt, I'm embracing fuller skirts for fall.

IMG 0985And this thrift find is actually from last year, but I scored it during another one of Saver's 50% days.  The plaid is of course classic, and I tried to sass it up with black skinny pants, my beloved Levi's jacket, and oversized gold jewelry.  Oh, and of course, my nerd glasses.  Several people at work asked, "Oh are those new glasses?" to which I replied, "No, I just wear them once in a while."  Translation: they have no prescription and are purely for style purposes.  I may have 20/20 vision, but I don't like to be left out of any accessories :)

So there you have it, the thrift trip of the year!  I'm still working some of the items into my fall wardrobe, and I'll post more pics as I wear things.  I typically have good thrifting karma, but this trip was over the top awesome.  My thrift bar has now been upped.  Bring it, thrifting, bring it.


Brooke said...

Love the scarfs!



Alissa said...

Woah! You really did have the trip of the year! That skirt in the bottom photos is seriously amazing!

cheryl denise said...

i wear glasses with no prescription as fiance makes fun of me, but hey - they're stylish, and i'm not one to pass up on something fashionable just b/c i can see perfectly ;)

a peek of chic

Brady said...

I love it all! Yay thrift shopping!

Alivia said...

LOVELOVELOVE thrifting. Blows my mind more people don't thrift. I adore all of these pieces, lady! Maybe one day we'll go shoppin together :)

Ashley said...

wow looks like you found some amazing stuff! I never think to go to thrift stores!