Sunday, October 14, 2012


Now that I am finished with internship and living in Chicago full-time, weekends have taken on a new meaning for me.  Last year, Matt and I spent most weekends relaxing, soaking up time together, and doing all the normal, everyday things that we missed doing together during the week.  But now that we get to have those small, everyday moments together during the week, we have been enjoying getting out on the weekends, trying new things, and enjoying this great city that we live in.  So I thought I'd take a second to show a peek into how we've been spending our weekends lately...

Oct 6 2012*Friday outfit: thrifted blazer, Ann Taylor skinny black pants, Dillards tank, Ann Taylor necklace and bracelet, Nordstrom watch, David Yurman ring.
*Date night dessert at Magnolia Bakery on State Street.  The German chocolate cupcake was insanely amazing!

Oct 6 20121*After two and a half years of living in Chicago, we finally saw a show at the Chicago Theater.
*For all your podcast nerds out there, we went to a live Radiolab show and absolutely loved it.  I initially went for Matt, as he loves Radiolab, (I'm more of a This American Life kind of girl), but in the end, we both really enjoyed it!

Oct 6 20122*The lobby of the Chicago Theater has the most gorgeous chandeliers!  However, the lobby was just a teaser for the gorgeousness that was going on inside the theater.  Simply breathtaking, and probably the most beautiful theater I've ever been to.

Oct 6 20123*We've also been enjoying some beautiful fall weather as of late, which means we've done our best to get outside and enjoy it.  On this sunny Saturday, we headed to a nearby forest preserve to hit the trail and get moving.

Sep 24 20127*A few weekends ago, we went to a local arts festival and had fun wandering through all the booths, admiring all the beautiful work.  We played a lot of the "if we were millionaires..." game :)
*Date night at our favorite sushi spot. 

Sep 24 20128*Since living in Chicago, I have learned that if you're wanting to get out and do something, but you aren't wanting to spend a lot of cash, just grab a blanket, a book, and a yummy picnic and head out to somewhere green.  Suddenly, the ordinary becomes much more special, and all for the fabulous price of nothing :)
*We had a special little friend with us a few weekends ago.  (Look closely, you'll see him!)  Clearly this chipmunk is used to people and had no problem chilling near our blanket, especially after Matt tossed him a few pita chip crumbles.

Sep 24 20129*A few weeks ago, some longtime family friends were in Chicago, and we met them for drinks at Rockit.  I grew up with these three guys around my house, as they are really close with my siblings, so it was really wonderful to see them again.  I hadn't seen one of them since I was twelve, so it was pretty surreal to swap stories about the olden days.

Sep 24 201210*A few Christmases ago, my parents gifted Matt a gift card to Rick Bayless' Chicago restaurants, and though we used some of it at Frontera last year, we still had a ton left.  And since we weren't in the mood to deal with the three month waiting list that is Topolobampo, we thought we'd give Rick's casual restaurant, XOCO, a try.
*I was ehhh not so impresseed with my torta, but oh my goodness, when they brought out the dessert, I was in heaven.  Those churros were the among the top ten things I've ever eaten.  Served with chocolate and homemade Mexican vanilla softserve, they were over the top good.  (For proof, note my crazy face in this picture.)  And since we still have a ton of money left on the gift card, I've calculated that we can afford about 40 more orders of churros.  You think I'm joking...

So there is a little peek into how we've been spending our weekends lately.  What have yall been up to?  Leave a link or comment below so I can come visit!


Nicole said...

It looks like a fabulous weekend! Churros-mmmm.

Glitterista said...

There is something so magical about the inside of historic theatres! These all look like such perfect weekend things to do. ;)

Justine said...

Hi Allison! I found your blog about a month ago and I love it :) I'm new to the blogging world and I do weekend posts too..actually called Instaweekend as well (I didn't take the name from your cute posts I promise!) :) congrats on your recent Ph.D and I can't wait to keep reading about your adventures!


Finance Girl said...

that theatre is gorgeous! I love it.