Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photography Bootcamp

I'm almost three months into my internship and almost three months into living apart from Matt during the week.  Outside of our trips to Texas and NYC, we've been able to spend every weekend together, in Chicago.  This means that every single Friday after work, I load up my car and make the 2 hour drive back "home."  Besides the weekend we moved me down here,  Matt hasn't spent much time in my sleepy little college town.  But this weekend, we changed things up, and Matt made the 2 hour weekend commute to visit me.  And since there wasn't a single thing on our agenda, Matt came up with a unique challenge for me.  Photography bootcamp!  (The name was my doing, not his lol.)

Ever since we got Cameron, we've been taking her almost everywhere.  And about 90% of the time, she's around Matt's neck.  Matt's had a fancy camera before and has some beautiful shots that he took in his high school and college days.  (You remember, when people still used film.)  I was content just snapping a quick pic here and there, but thankfully, Matt came up with a fun way to get me more acquainted with Cameron and photography in general.  Before we left the house on Saturday morning, Matt gave me a list of things to shoot: lines, pattern, color, depth, texture, etc.  The result was a lovely afternoon, spent doing nothing but wandering and clicking away.  I didn't quite get all of the things on my bootcamp list, but I got a good start and thought I'd show you my homework :)

Downtown street grate

Lettuce at the local farmer's market

Potatoes at the local farmer's market

Center of downtown

Flowers outside a local spa

Ivy covered wall

Historic brick building

Flowers outside our lunch spot

A220259I was actually pretty pleased with myself for my first round of photography bootcamp.  I took a ton of pictures (some worked, some didn't) and got over my habit of constantly handing the camera over the Matt.  We managed to snap a few more pictures during our outing that didn't count as homework, but nonetheless, captured the spirit of the day...

A220260Both Matt and I left the market wondering why we don't make it a point to visit farmers' markets more often.  You can't go wrong when its yummier, cheaper, and local.  And the weather this weekend couldn't have been more perfect!

A220264The weekends have a whole new meaning for us now, and we literally try to soak up every single second we have together.  And ps: don't be jealous of my hair; it took me eight hours to get it looking like this, ha!

A220272Jacket: Ann Taylor Loft
Gingham shirt: American Eagle {on sale here}
Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: J.Crew
Boots: Macy's (total steal at the end of last winter!)
Sunnies: Nordstrom BP (the best place for cheapies, these were $10!)

This weekend was just one of those lovely, lazy, and wandering weekends that I wish could have gone on forever.  But sadly, it didn't, and I'm back to work tomorrow.  But Monday is just that much closer to Friday, so I'll take it :)  What were you lovelies up to this weekend?  Do tell!


TaraMixandMatch said...

I am in desperate need of photography boot camp your scarf! Mix and Match Fashion

Norma said...

Great shots! I especially love the "Color" one :)


Vanessa said...

What a cool challenge -- talk about a unique day date! I've always wanted to learn more about I'm just wondering how to convince my husband to think of something like this for me. ;)

Speaking of my husband, we celebrated his birthday this weekend with dinners out, a party and some serious shopping. Now it's Sunday night we're tired and full (and a little broke), but oh so happy to have had such a wonderful weekend.

Tamara Nicole said...

Sounds like fun! We take pics all the time when we travel:-) I so want to learn how to edit pics better!

Ez said...

Photography Bootcamp! I Love it! What a fantastic idea to set yourself a photo challenge - I think I might steal your idea!

I've just put up some of my own pics on my blog, feel free to drop by.


Alivia said...

LOVE this bootcamp. So happy you're taking more photos-can't wait to see more!

Emily said...

I love taking photos and photography in general. It has always been a passion of mine! I like the idea of the "bootcamp" Your photos turned out great!