Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Comparison{via pinterest}

I saw this little diddy on Pinterest, and I couldn't help but sigh a big old "amen!"  I'm sure I've heard phrases like this before, but after the spending freeze, they have a whole new meaning for me.  When I was "doing without," I often found myself gazing at others who were "with" thinking, "man that looks nice."  Even when I liked what I had, I still found myself thinking, "what if I had that?"  The things I compared ranged from morning coffee, to new nail polishes, to fabulous dresses at the NYC wedding.  I soon realized this was a terrible habit and ultimately it was distracting me from the lovely things I already had.  I have so many beautiful and wonderful things around me, yet the minute I compare them to someone else's or something I see in a store, I start to forget about how much I love these things.  So I'm really trying to be aware of how often I compare my closet to the clothes in the newest fashion pages or how often I long for a Starbucks latte over my homemade morning brew.  And in those moments when comparison sneaks in, I'm working hard to remind myself of just how much I love my things, the people around me, and the life that I am so blessed to lead.

PS: I made it to the next round of the Lucky Lifestyle Contributor contest!  (They're getting down to fewer and fewer people!)  Voting starts completely fresh, so if you've already signed up and voted in previous round, please take a second to click HERE and vote again.  And now you can vote AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!  Which means if you want to sit at your computer and click "vote" for five minutes, you totally can lol.  Some people have in the thousands of votes, so I've got to catch up!

If you're new and haven't yet voted, click "vote" and then follow the steps to create a log in account.  Voting ends next Tuesday, October 11.  A big thanks to all you who are voting and supporting me; it means so much!

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Whitney said...

Go Allison!!! Rooting for you!