Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NYC through Instagram

I've already posted twice about our NYC trip, but I couldn't resist one last post, showing some of my favorite mini-moments from the trip.  And thanks to Instagram, mini moments are just that much more fun to capture!

IMG 0140My first Starbucks inover a month!  When I first started the freeze, coffee trips and eating out were one of the first things to go.  But knowing we'd be traveling to NYC, I wrote a food exception into my freeze rules for the weekend.  If I've gotta grab a meal at the airport, you better believe I'm gonna make sure to work a long lost treat into it!

IMG 0141My beloved gold, wonder woman cuff from Ann Taylor.  I first saw this cuff when I walked in AT's fashion show, and I knew then, I'd be loving it all fall.  It's definitely my favorite statement piece of jewelry at the moment!

IMG 0142Goodbye Windy City, hello Big Apple!

IMG 0144Walking through Central Park, the prettiest "shortcut" I've ever taken.

IMG 0159Matt embracing his inner New Yorker, weekend paper and all :)

IMG 0146The girls spent Friday afternoon perusing The Met.  The building alone is beautiful!

IMG 0145My favorite piece at The Met.  I literally could have stood there for an hour looking at this picture.  A woman with a perspective, committed to being heard.  Past, present, or future, I love it.

IMG 0149A larger than life sweet tooth at Dylan's Candy Bar.

IMG 0151My smart and sassy niece glammed up for the rehearsal dinner.  Love her pink hair extension and think it looks much better on her than when she made her uncle Matt try it on :)

IMG 0153Cocktails at the oh so swanky, Mandarin Oriental.  A special thank to Matt's aunt for treating us to such a fun night!

IMG 0154Times square.  No matter how many times I go to New York, I can't help but feel a sense of excitement at all the hustle and bustle here.

IMG 0155Grabbing a drink at SD26 before the ceremony.

IMG 0161The view from Josh and Anthony's fabulous upper west side apartment.  Floor to ceiling windows with a view like this?  Yes please!

IMG 0160The lovebirds reading through cards and guestbook comments.  Spending Sunday afternoon lounging and putzing around the neighborhood with these two was one of our favorite parts of the weekend.

Congrats again to Josh and Anthony on their new life together and thanks for hosting such a fabulous celebration!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aw looks like you guys had a good, relaxing time!

Kendall and Brooks said...

Bet you're glad you didn't have to wear a fanny pack this time....