Thursday, August 11, 2011


So its been over a week since I blogged last.  A week and a half if you're counting.  And though I wish I could say I'm back to blogging because I finally got internet hooked up at my house, sadly that is not the case.  (Oh yeah Comcast, I'm giving you the evil eye.)  But since I'm currently parked at Gate 4 awaiting a flight to Texas, I thought I'd take advantage of some free airport wifi :)

This past weekend was my first weekend back in Chicago after starting my new job two hours away, and I was lucky enough to be able to spend it with both Matt and my little brother.  Ryan was in town for Lollapalooza, and though mega-concerts aren't typically my thing, I couldn't pass up the chance to spend Saturday with him at one of the most legendary concerts around.  So Matt and I snagged tickets, quickly got the run down of the line-up, and attempted to not look like the oldest, most unhip people there lol.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from our day at Lollapalooza, most photos courtesy of my brother's oh-so-fabulous girlfriend, Makenna.  (Thanks Makenna!)

281460 1838664017093 1555290160 31446493 7091040 nMe and my not-so-little brother, Ryan.  Though Matt and I only went to Lolla on Saturday, Ryan and Makenna braved the fest for all three days.  Dedication!

DSCN5174Listening to Phantogram Saturday afternoon, just after the rain stopped.  I hadn't heard of Phantogram before last weekend, and since Saturday, I've obsessively had them playing in my car, in my office, and in my room.  They are insanely fabulous!

DSCN5178Our lineup for the day consisted of Phantogram, Black Lips, The Drums, Ellie Goulding (love!), Atmosphere, and Eminem.

223634 1838665697135 1555290160 31446504 1004956 nIf the crowd in front of us doesn't clue you in about the craziness of Lollapalooza, check out the crowd on the screen.  And to realize they had 6 stages going at definitely got a little crazy.

205953 1838664857114 1555290160 31446499 6862032 nOur Lollapalooza crew.  PS: please excuse my totally random and un-hip outfit.  It was humid, hot as hell, and muddy in some places, which for me, translated to no effort left to attempt to look cute.

185349 1838664657109 1555290160 31446497 4739984 nPretty city.

DSCN5170Two of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  They keep me loving life and laughing through most of it :)

251438 1838666057144 1555290160 31446508 7488035 nEminem might have been my favorite show of the day.  Now, let me preface this by saying, I'm not the biggest Eminem fan in the world.  He's a bit too angry and unfiltered for my taste.   That being said, his show was pretty freaking awesome.  It was one of his first shows back since he pulled off the scene a few years ago, and the energy was insane.  He did new stuff mixed in with old stuff which had the crowd pretty crazy.  This picture was taken right after he brought out Bruno Mars for "Lighters."  Awe-some.

281559 1838666017143 1555290160 31446507 1802574 nNot even 90,000 people crowded in Grant Park can distract from what a beautiful city Chicago is.  A day spent in my fabulous city, listening to one-of-kind artists, with a few of my favorite people in the doesn't get much better than that!


caknitter said...

Wow! I watched some bands on youtube. Pretty darn spectacular.

Kinsey Michaels said...

Chicago truly is a stunning city. I can't believe you went to Lolla!!! my sister would be insanely jealous if I told her :)
Looks like you had a great time!!! ps - my blog is on a little hiatus until september 6th, but I'll be back & still reading/commenting on your blog in the meantime!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

that is one crazy, fun event. it makes me miss chicago so much! you guys look awesome - and no apologize about your outfit. i love the print on that tank!

Jamie said...

It's so good to see a new post from you, and Lollapalooza looked amazing! I recalled you really liked a planner recently and I had to share this link with you:
They are offereing $25 for a $50 gift card to the company that makes those planners, so I had to share it with you!

Cassy said...

Great shots! My favorite is the one with your brother.

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

LaLa's in the Land of Enchantment said...

Even if your outfit was unhip to you, you still looked amazing! I could never pull that off!! I am so jealous of the Emenim show, I heard he puts on quite a show.