Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Common Things


"Being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things."
Henry Ward Beecher

Lately, Matt and I have been making a more concentrated effort to pull back the reigns financially.  With my internship nearing, we're looking at two rents as well as four hour weekend commutes to see one another.  That, combined with dreams of buying a house sometime in the (hopefully) not too far future, has encouraged us to watch our wallets a bit more.  And though this always proves to be a bit of a challenge for me, in a weird way, I'm learning to love and appreciate the challenge.  Because happiness isn't dining at posh restaurants, drinking $5 lattes, or wearing a new dress.  Happiness is grilling hot dogs on our patio, doing a 25 cent garage sale puzzle together, and getting creative with what I have hanging in my closet.  And while I have the occasional moment of "why is this so hard?" I'm learning to be slow down and see that the common, everything things are oh so lovely indeed.


Norma said...

im right there with you! it is hard :/ but, you're right, the long term goals are totally worth it :)

Jane Marie said...

Wow, what a gorgeous picture! I can totally relate with your post, I too have the tendency to always want to spend, and my hubby and I are in the same place where we're trying to cut back a little bit to prepare for things like a house as well. Whenever I think about a budget and reducing spending, I'm always like this seems so difficult! It's when you step back from the situation that you realize there is greater joy gained from the simple things in life, as well as financially security for the long run :)

I just discovered your blog, what a great post and I love your blog!



Lindsay said...

I've recently been working on spending less too. It's hard, and not always fun, but when you have a goal you want to reach it makes everything a little easier!

And I would say that your fantastic internship and becoming homeowners are some pretty good goals! :)

lydia of boy howdy daily said...

alli i know how you feel! my husband works m-f in a different town and is on call during the weekends every few weeks. so, i can identify with the paying two rents/bills, commuting, and the cutting back on things!! it isn't easy, but it does get easier! :-)

Christie said...

Word. I have been drinking really cheap wine, not even good enough to be called table wine. But every day can't be a nice-wine type of day, you know what I mean?

Whitney said...

I hear ya...I've had to make some cutbacks lately to be able to start saving for a house. It' s a long ways ahead but my hope is that when I get the keys to my new place, I wont remember all those forgone lattes :)

Kelly said...

Don't think of it as cutbacks, think of it as investing in your future. I always think about the advice I saw on Young House Love, "the main point of frugality- and perhaps life- is to recognize what brings you the greatest rewards and to go enthusiastically for those things."

PursuitOfLLT said...

i totally hear you right now! i'm in the same position trying to tighten the belt. we'll be ok! we can look for groupons for our blogger dates ;) haha

cheryl denise said...

i LOVE peonies - and have never seen some an assortment of colors. gorgeous!!
i hear you on the cutting back on spending...forever 21 has been my go to, even though i'd much rather be in bloomies. stay strong, it won't be this way forever :)

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